This page is dedicated to allies from each campaign. These people either traveled with the groups during their adventures or are helpful contacts that groups can call upon.

Crusaders of the TruthEdit

Dr Joseph Ludwig- A mad doctor who has made many deals with horrible fiends. And won. Somehow.

Alucard- The president of Harnania, a lover of peace and kindness. He is as silly as he is possibly deadly.

Lord Goofenstein- The king of Goofenstein Castle and one of the prominent leaders of Mundus Memia and Lux Aeterna.

Izuri Midoro - A former ninja who worked under Sicarus. Now is a student under Doofus Loofus and helps defend the keep.

Miss Salem - The PR Manager to the Crusaders of the Truth. She makes sure all associated parties have a pristine public image.

The Keep- The guards and employees who work at the keep.

Master Midolidas- The old timer who seems to know a little more about the world than he lets on.

Mother Dryad - The revered dryad of the Feywild and the mother of Folkvarðr.

Storm Kings ThunderEdit

Titanos Edit

Sildar Hallwinter - a soldier who works for an organization called the lords alliance.

Valkonia Edit

Concordat Edit