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This page is dedicated to all the countries in the campaigns, along with their respective cities, towns and villages. All of these locations are on the planet Deluna.

Crusaders of the Truth Edit

Caeloria Edit

An island in the far south of the world. Less of a country and more of a colony, and it doesn't even have a full on city. Mainly made up of humans, elves and half-elves, but isn't against any other types of humanoids from living there. Also homes a Fey colony in the giant forest.


  • Cabedis
  • Whiterem
  • Unknown third town


  • Seerity
  • Aira

Este Edit

A powerful militaristic country,

Mundus Memia Edit

Whitesea Edit

Functions more like a city than a country. Divided into 14 sectors. The small continent is a coastal city on its outside and has farming and supply keeping on the mainland. It accepts most races, with only races such as orcs and drow questioned extensively and having eyes kept on them constantly. They essentially keep all trade routes on the sea going making them very rich, but pirates make this very difficult.

Ennius Edit

the population primarily consists of dragonborn, this kingdom is ruled by the golden king Vento Draken.

Vasselheim Edit

Vasselheim is the "jewel of the north", and is well known for being a country founded back in the beginnings of man in the 1st Era. It houses the great University of Winterhold and University of Läkare within its magnum opus of a city, Urbsmagna. Urbsmagna is known to be the place to find magical items, learn magic and generally learn anything that its history and libraries of its universities can have. Until the 8th Era, only humans, elves, half-elves, dwarves, gnomes, halfling and dragonborn were allowed within the walls. Later tieflings, half-orcs and goliaths were allowed. Even more recently in the 11th Era, orcs, kenku, drow, and similar "monster" races were allowed, making Vasselheim one of the first countries in Deluna to be more open, with the exception of many monsters and strange beings.

Usmyae Edit

Usmyae is a primarily elven, human and halfling country with the occasional dwarf and dragonborn. Until the meeting of Lux Aeterna, drow, goblinoids and orcs were not allowed in the country as they were expected to be under the flag of Cinere. Usmyae is known for supplying many food items and skins to the rest of Deluna, making good commerce before the Flood. Since then the government has had clerics and doctors try to save people from becoming shambling zombies, not knowing what caused this plague.

Tutalu Edit

a vast desert country with few towns along the coastline and one city large surrounding an oasis deep into the desert. this city is known for housing the great tower of Re-horakhty which raises high into the sky. though this tower is magnificent, its purpose is unknown to most. though the truth is that at the top it houses the gate to the plane of fire.


  • Rivercity

Gnollengrom Edit

The mighty mountain ranges of the eldest dwarf clans, Gnollengrom is said to be the birth place of the first dwarven kings. There are a few above ground cities and villages where farms are kept, but under the country is an entire country, what many dwarves refer to as the "heart of Gnollengrom". Dwarves are naturally not accepting, and a dwarf hates meeting evil drow and duergar in a mine. Even worse than having drow in their city, which is slightly more common now as they share a common hate for elves. Whether it be wood elves, which they dislike, or high elves, which they detest, elves are generally greeted by spit and mean words in most areas of Gnollengrom, particularly below ground. Humans and halflings are common above ground, and most dwarves respect any man or halfling who can work and fight the mines. Dwarves in Gnollengrom used to be at war with orcs and goblinoids in the mines since time could tell, but in the 5th Era when an orc arose to fight Cinere and the King of Shadowflames, some orcs decided to become allies. Since then the tribe of Jertooth is not only tolerated but loved among Dwarves, as they share a love of alcohol and a hate for elves. other races tend to be seen under a mixed eye, as some dwarves are most tolerant than others. Gnollengrom makes fortunes off its ever expanding mines of rare materials and top notch dawrven weapons and armor.

Harnania Edit

Wide, rolling hills and farm lands that have a European taste to them is the description of Harnania. Architecture making every building seem gorgeous and each city is built around its landscape.Harnania is not only known for its arts and education scene, but also its social justice scene. Believing that any monster that undertsands what evil is can find redemption, there are many recovery programs for immigrants from Cinere and its countries under its rule. Harnania has loyal subjects who constantly have to make sure someone isn't just a spy but rather genuine, employing magic and clerics to their fullest use. Harnania is also one of the largest farm countries in Deluna, exporting to all over the world. Recently having Alucard exposed as a vampire has shook some, but mostly is has strengthened the idea that almost anything, even a vampire, can be good.

Kirlley Edit

Kirlley is an array of hills, mountains and forest with the occasional village or town. One large city in the middle to lord over all, Kirlley is militaristic and sees itself culturally a home of warriors. One of the least accepting countries until recently due to Lux Aeterna, Kirlley was mostly human with the occasional dwarf, halfling or elf living amongst them. To be a half-elf was a shame to the family, as elves are seen to be woodland creatures whose silly nature is weak. half-elves must work hard to prove themselves, and half-elves with high elf blood used to be banished as high elves have been hated through Kirrley for many ages. Orcs and drow used to be killed on sight, as orcs and humans there have fought for many ages, humans hating losing family to orc and goblinoid tribes. Kirlley is known to supply weapons, armor, and supplies of war, along side the occasional troop of soldiers.

Wyvernia Edit

Known to supply many hides and parts of monsters, Wyvernia is the home of the Hunter's Guild where monsters hunters test their skill and power through hunting monsters of all types and sizes in the Hunter's Realm. They also do some fishing for themselves, but most supplies go to Vasselheim for research and magical uses, making Wyvernia very rich.

Lardrik Edit


  • Snicket town, current leader: Baron Lemony.
  • Tolkien town, current leader: Boss.


  • Pilgrim

Major sites

  • Mt. Meyer

Mar Edit

Mar is mostly ancient forest with giant trees of old in which towns and even cities are built upon. A home of wood elves and some elves of the sun and moon live there. The country tends to keep most races off their cities, but openly works with other races.The only races allowed in their cities are gnomes and half-elves. If they meet a half-elf, they are neutral but slightly cold to the half-elf at first. They have gnomes there as gnomes too are beings of nature and they are generally fun loving beings. Mar does not tolerate any sort of "monster" walking in its woods, and even now with the agreement from Lux Aeterna most elves will shoot down any orc or goblin they see in the woods. They despise drow and don't enjoy looking at or talking to dwarves. They make beautiful elven crafts that sell for enormous prices, and their arcane archers are expensive but legendary for any army willing to buy them.

Ahrum Edit

A country mostly built of high elves, in particular the grey elves. Haughty and snobbish, these elves don't enjoy having any race other than elves in their lands. When met with humans they scoff, they treat other types of elves as "slightly" less impressive than them. They find halflings too simple for their tastes, and gnomes too silly, although they have some respect for their mastery of magic (they do however like deep gnomes, as they are more focused and don't pull childish pranks, while being masters of magic). Dwarves they hate, saying how dwarves have no taste and are idiotic creatures. Not every high elf believes this, but most nobles do. The high elves of Ahrum have built cities of beautiful design, using mountains, mines and forest to create intricate buildings and lands. They create powerful elven magic items and weapons, and wish to best the University of Winterhold.

The last two countries were created from the fall of Maeahrum, which is equally in part to the loss of Virquirelle.

Titanos Edit