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Deluna is the planet in which the entire Crusaders campaign universe takes place. Its history is rich, and its civilizations spawned great powers that still live the cosmos, the birthplace of dragons.

Deluna has 3 main periods that revolve around humanity, those being before humanity arrive, when humanity arrived, and after humanity caused the Cataclysm.

Appearance and conditions Edit

Deluna is a planet slightly larger than Earth, giving it a stronger gravity. This in turn makes the bone structure of most inhabitants quite strong. Deluna is full of water and oxygen, with many minerals deep in the oceans from ancient meteors. This has allowed the creation of a planet that can not only support, but improve life.

Deluna now has two poles similar to that of old Earth, and the planet itself has a similar continental structure to that of Earth.

Deluna has also been blessed by some of the most ancient beings in the universe, and an ancient war has left its impact with the [THE END]'s cycle reseting not only the planet's wildlife but also creating lost resources deep within the planet.

History Edit

Prehuman Era (before 2577 AD) Edit

Colonization Era (2577-2737 AD) Edit

Having barely escaped the human-covenant war, the few survivor ships made it to the only known planet to have life. In going there there was a space-time break as the Illithid gained in on the humans. This caused them to get lost in space, but luckily the Illithid did not follow. This allowed the humans to find a much better planet, with vast amounts of rare metals and minerals, filled to the brim with water and life, even broken buildings and remains of ancient civilizations.

The New World Era (2737- 110729 AD, or 466 DR of the 13th Era) Edit