Doctor Fredrick Seebo Brocc Alfonse PHD Is a Gnomish professor that taught at the services to the University of Winterhold. Unfortunatly he was fired for unknowingly putting students lives in danger, since then he's been writing a monster manuel of sorts, taking notes on particularly strong monsters that he encounters. their armor, weapons, attacks, tactics and ability's and any strategies to counter them. creating this book has eventually lead him to pharapaix where he met the crusaders. Since then he's become like a part of the group. offering his knowledge and crusaders. Dr. Alfonse is a character played by McLean.

Description Edit

Appearance Edit

Dr. Alfonse is a gnomish man in his 250's. which means that he's pretty much in his late 60's in human years. he's got a rounded nose and a goatee beard which he strokes in contemplation. He wear's circular reading glasses and a large newsboy hat. along with that he wears a turtle neck with a red, long (for a gnome) coat. he's most often seen carrying a staff and two books on his person, along with a bag of holding. the two books are as follows. one is his Spellbook, with tabbed pages marking particular spells that he's fond of. Such as Counterspell and mage armor. the other is a book of Monsters that he's writing. filled with descriptions and tactics of different monsters and creatures that he's collected Data on.

Personality Edit

Curious and accepting would be the two words that describe the Gnomish man. As a teacher he's become complacent and intrigued by the many different people that have come and gone from his seminars and classes. Dr. Alfonse would wish no harm on people, however if their intentions are proven to be of an evil nature then he will not hesitate to step in. Recently Dr. Alfonse has become a bit more jated about making mistakes, especially when they involve the life of a friend, colleague or loved one.