Kalvox is a dragonborn barbarian, and a member of the group in TN98's playthrough of Storm King's Thunder. He is a short tempered, not so bright man who wanders the world looking for something interesting to do (particularly kill). He is played by Hunter

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Kalvox has taken a real liking to Dreyo, seeing as Dreyo really understands his way of thinking. The two have shared many moments together, and Kalvox even lent his dragonborn pal some gold (after being told it's what you do for your allies). He also really appriciates Dreyo's help on the battlefield, as the cleric can help keep Kalvox on his feet as he's slaying away

However, he does pity the dragonborn doctor a bit, as he doesn't really seem aware or acknowledge his lack of intelligence, while Kalvox at least has an awarness that he isn't always the smartest. This can lead to Dreyo possibly putting himself in danger or doing something wrong, and stragely, for the first time in his life, Kalvox actually worries a bit about someone.


Joker is a very curious being to Kalvox. The rouge has quite a leader-like personality to him, and clearly knows what he is doing. His quickness with a blade, as well as in the ways of thieving, impresses Kalvox, and he finds himself a bit more willing to listen to the human. He isn't a big fan of Joker's magical abilities, but finds himself more inclined to hide his displeasure, as Joker's powers help Kalvox survive.


When it comes to Vento, Kalvox is unsure of how to feel about her. He doesn't entierly trust Vento, due to not knowing much about her, but she works closely with Joker and has shown her efficiency during a fight, so is his eyes she can't be too bad. Mainly, Kalvox sees Vento as a young lady who should at least be respected, so when he disturbed her with his prize of a giant finger, he was very quick to apologize for startling her.


Kolvox sees Froid as a young warrior who needs guidance. They haven't had much interaction, but Kalvox is less rough towards the young druid, and seems the least aggressive towards his type of magic.


Kalvox trusts Bimble the least, as the rouge has a myserious air to him, which Kalvox does not like. That, along with him consistantly walking away to talk with people, who insist they talk alone, makes the barbarian believes Bimble is up to something. Therefore, he's keeping his eye on the human, in case he tries to pull something.

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  • Giant Slayer Greatsword
  • Dented Metal Healmet (used as a food bowl)
  • Giant Finger
  • Flute

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  • Fool me once, shame on me. Fool me twice, I cut your head off.

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