Meliana is a dryad of outstanding repute and enormous power as well as a member of the Seelie Court. She acts as a conduit of kindness and love for all of those whose hearts remain good or redeemable.

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Meliana is a dryad of short stature and an average build, standing only at 5'3" and weighing a simple 135 pounds. Her outer beauty matches her inner beauty as she has fair soft features long, flowing dark hair, striking kind eyes that resemble a setting sun. Her attractive figure is adorned with flora acting as a form of clothing.

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Meliana is a kind and loving person, viewing most worthy of care and love even if others view them in a less than flattering way. Her serene, soft personality is often compared to her adoptive son's personality as Folkvarðr is a seemingly mean and grim man (which she grieves a little as she loves to see him smile), her personality also counters many of those of the court as she does not have the prejudices and upper-crust mentalities many of them have.

She has always been good at talking to all manner of folk and almost always seeks a non-hostile way to deal with circumstances.

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As with many Fey, Meliana was born of innate magic but as she is one of the oldest and most powerful beings in the Feywild much is unknown about her origins but one thing is known: Her birth sparked the beginning of the legendary forest known as Taure en' Palurin'templa or Drulich Wood.

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The grumpy Draug'edan is her adoptive son and is considered by her to be a shining beam of light in her life that remains constant despite the horror gripping the world. She loves Folk deeply and still treats him as her little boy (not that he'll complain around her anyhow).

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Unbeknownst to the band of heroes, there is a certain dryad keeping a concerned eye on their progress, hoping for their victories and sending help in as many ways as she can.

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