Motor Knight Is a mercenary appearing in the Crusaders campaign. He is one of the OG members of the team. Motor Knight is a master Swordsman and brandishes advanced weaponry and techniques. Having been a rather villainous individual in his past, he now seeks to right his wrongs and fight to undo the evil of others.

Description Edit

Appearance Edit

Motor knight is tall and slim, standing in at 6'2" 197 Lbs with an athletic build. He has pale skin and brown hair. His armour covers the tattoos covering his upper left arm and shoulder. Throughout his travels Motor Knight has assembled his ideal set of armour. Currently The ensemble includes a custom made suit of leather armour fitted with steel inner plates, the champions belt, a pair of light blue Chuck Taylors, and his signature racing helmet. The result allows for plenty of movement and remains naturally quiet for stealthy situations while also provides the wearer substantial protection, while looking good.

Mk evolution transperent

from vigilante to special operative, to armed guard, to hero

Alternate Appearances for Motor knight include; Pink suit and a paper bag mask for fighting in arenas, A three-piece suit and his helmet for formal occasions, A full cloak for crime purposes, and a set of "burner" armour for going incognito.

Personality Edit

Generally Motor Knight has been observed to be a pretty up-beat guy, good sence of humor and easily gets along with most people. He is very secritive about his personal life and keeps any problems to himself. Working as a mercenary has taught him to keep quiet and be ready for any situation that may arise. Because of this he is level headed and stays collected in dangerous situations, which unfortunatley leads him to be slightly over confident in his abilities, becoming reckless. His loose cannon tendencies result in repeatedly making daring attacks or taking part in criminal activities, sometimes becoming injured, captured, etc. Only recently has he become a bit more contemplative of his actions. 

Biography Edit

background Edit

A man from a different time arrived on Deluna not long ago. He emerged from the ashes of his crashed vessel, expecting a barren wasteland to sorrily sustain him for however long he had until he was rescued or perished. What he found instead was a place full of life and beauty and now saw his situation not as a curse, but as a chance at redemption. Abandoning the horrors of his past he vowed this time to fight not for monetary gain or blood lust, but instead to oppose the evils he once served. Re-birthed, the mercenary christened himself a name of champions, swiftly setting to work. This man would come to be known as Motor Knight, the time runner. see ProtoKnight

Story Edit

The Doom snail saga (Arc 1) Edit

Motor knight was originally introduced as a drunkard in a tavern. After punting a halfling into orbit and being kicked out of a tavern he joined forces with Jook Nukem, TV Wizard, and Rodney Rune. The quartet traveled together doing various quests for people, resulting in several misadventures and solidifying their relationships.

After the team escorted a child back to a king, Motor Knight was arrested by space police officers taking him into custody over his past crimes. Motor Knight was taken to intergalactic court and with the help of [that cleric lady] ended up winning the case and is returned to Deluna. Upon reuniting with the party he was introduced to Paladin, Daniel Taure, who had replaced him during his absence and the two began their rivalry shortly after. Some time later the party encounters more aliens, this time however they are friendly and equip Motor Knight with powerful energy weapons.

While adventuring Motor Knight and Jook robbed a small bank, however Motor Knight was found out by Daniel he returned his stolen funds. Motor Knight and Jook where then Kidnapped by the rat mafia. The team then embarks on a dungeon crawl, where MotorKnight became a religious figure to a cult of rats. At a festival Motor Knight entered himself along with Daniel into a pit fighting contest, and ended up coming 1st place. They return to the kings abode and settle in for a long nights rest, until assassins infiltrate the castle and attack the party in the twilight. Wearing only his helmet and undergarments Motor Knight T-pose flips off a balcony and fends of several attackers.

The party then leads an attacking army against Lord Pruflas AKA the DoomSnail, and his legion of orcs. Motor Knight inspires his comrades by somehow doing a wheelie on his horse. The gang gets trapped in the castle and is surrounded by orcs. Motor Knight gives Daniel a grenade which he turns into a "holy-hand grenade" and rebounds it back at a group of orcs after Daniel flubs up the throw. After being surrounded by more orcs and are trapped in an orb of protection, TV Wizard triumphantly shouts "TENSERS FLYING DISK" and the team soars above the hoard of orcs as Motor Knight drops yet another grenade on them. The party enters the chamber of the Doom snail. The battle is fought and the foe is defeated with Motor Knight landing the killing blow, slicing the tyrant straight in half with his laser sword and saving Daniel.

The riddle (Arc 2) Edit

MK and the guys head on over to Mt. Myres for reasons he can't remember because they got to busy fighting plants. Eventually they get to a tree house and MK finds a book with words in it. The crew keeps on keepin' on until they come across a hobgoblin stronghold. MK and Juke scale the outer wall and murderize a few dudes before sneaking through the courtyard and heading up into the captains room and kill him up. MK collects the Captains glaive and severed head before helping the rest of the party clear out the stragglers. The party recruits the last surviving hobgoblin, Taire and heads on towards their destination.

Dem boys finally make it to Tolkien Town and attempt to ascend to the summit of Mt. Myres using the towns airship, which is busted to they stay in town for a while and do various jobs. Upon realizing that the town was run by the mob MotorKnight and Juke decide that there is no harm in performing a small bank heist. The two sneak out late at night and enter the bank through its skylights, after a mishap involving a chandelier and the weight of MotorKnights various weaponry they end up sneaking into the vault. Inside the vault they meet a third robber, Arsene who helps them escape in exchange for a cut of the loot, which the two adventurers agree to. MotorKnight notices that Juke has taken a liking to their newfound ally. The three escape through the nearby sewer, tying up the remaining lose ends and manage to sneak back into the inn unnoticed, or so they thought. Daniel doesn't fully know if its them that did it but MotorKnight expertly evades his questioning and the duo are undetected.

While still in the city the town leader hears of their skills and asks them to assist in dealing with a demonic presence. After Doofus fails at seducing his assistant for the 80th time they join Boss and take on a hecatonchires. His mighty laser sword drawn, MotorKnight bestows a thunderous blow unto the beast MotorKnight fucks up horribly and ends up healing the foe, who then proceeds to straight up flat-line MotorKnight in one hit. Eagerly awaiting an ultra-violent blood-soaked hellscape in which to slay demons for all eternity, MotorKnight is more than disappointed to find out hell is nothing more than a bureaucratic state of tedium and quiet misery. With his newfound Knowledge he leaves hell and rejoins the living mid battle. The team defeats the best and saves the airship pilot, who agrees to take them to the top of the mountain once the airship is repaired.

The team arrives at the top of the mountain and enters the dungeon. After snooping around inside for a few hours they finally find Rodney and get to the source of the undead spawn, who turns out to be their old friend TV Wizard, now corrupted. The CRT screen assailant summons a beholder and begins attacking the band of idiots in unison. Brushing off an attack directly from Tv Wizard MK witnesses Doofus's true power as he liquidizes the eyed beast, Tv Wizard falls soon after. After the battle Mushroom guy gets out of his crystal and tells the party they serve a greater purpose. The party then christens themselves "The Crusaders Of the Truth" and set off to fulfill their destiny... after fucking off for two years to just chill out or whatever.

Two years apart (Arc 2-B) Edit

During his time away from the Crusaders Motor Knight joined Rodney on one of his tours, traveling from kingdom to kingdom playing rhythm guitar in his band. Afterwards MotorKnight went off on his own, practicing his bladesmanship and partaking in thrilling adventures before joining another smaller group briefly. Nearing the end of his time apart, MK had received a suspicious letter, threatening horrible consequences if not followed..

Memoriae (Arc 3) Edit

Renewed as a Blademaster, Motor Knight regroups with the Crusaders, meeting the newest members, Pirate Apollo Flint, and Gowther the barbarian. The now eight strong group is invited to attend the meeting of Lux Aterna, where those of power and influence gather to discuss matters of the greater good. The crusaders are honored guests at the meeting, having proved to the members of Lux Aterna to be capable team worthy of their attention. At the meeting several important things are discussed, however this is cut short by numerous interruptions from opposing individuals, such as Misere, the cult of rats, and a leprechaun sorcerer who casts a spell causing the entire meeting erupt into fisticuffs. After MotorKnight and Daniel physically put aside their differences, the crusaders go after the leprechaun and attempt beating it within a thread of its mortal life. Once outside however the Crusaders are greeted by a skeleton guy named Mr Bones who tells them he requires their help with something. The Crusaders agree and are led to a cave filled with strange machines, only Motor Knight recognizes the technology. The crusaders are hooked up to the machines and are told they are to live out the events of past adventurers so that they may gather knowledge and information about past events. Unlike the rest of the crusaders, Motor Knight plays as previous version of himself, one whom up until recently hes tried to forget.

Motor Knight reenacts his mercenary past. He re-lives the horrors hes witnessed through the heist, the war, the missions, the experiments, clear as day. His scattered memories align themselves and all becomes clear.

On completing all the missions the Crusaders are trapped in the simulation by its creator AINSLEY, who wishes to use their beings as a manifestation in the real world. He then explains if the conscience is killed in the simulation the body is left open for the taking. AINSLEY pushes the crusaders off a ledge in order to harvest their bodies, The crusaders manage to survive the fall all within their own means, AINSLEY'S assistant [name] sacrifices her life to save Motor Knight's. The crusaders scale back up the cliff and make it back to the grid. After sneaking into a town the Crusaders kill the guards in the town then commandeer the vehicles. After a brief driving lesson from Motor Knight, Apollo is able to drive the car carrying the remaining Crusaders while Doug and Motor Knight ride the motorcycles as they make their way to AINSLEY'S tower. They confront AINSLEY on the bridge, and after a brutal roasting they begin to attack the digital foe using the very weapons he's created. Upon being defeated AINSLEY the crusaders are sent back into the real world and find out they were targeted by assassins while in the simulation, and had it not been for Gowther and Doofus they would have been killed.

Now having fully remembered his past, Motor Knight regains and old ability of his; Shinigami, which grants him mastery and heightened skills when wielding certain bladed weapons, and access to a powerful technique "Soul blade". The following night however, Motor Knight receives a visitation from Mr.N in his dreams.

The Keep (Arc 4) Edit

The team is informed that several members of Lux Aterna have decided to sponsor the Crusaders for their efforts, and have began construction of a keep for them in the city of Pharepaix, Harnania. During the time it will take to build the keep, the Crusaders split up with Daniel, Jook, and Doofus going solo while the rest of the crusader accompany Apollo to his meeting of pirates. While at the island "Pirates Paradise" Motor Knight, along with his compatriots engage in debauchery such as heavy inebriation, throwing a bag of devouring onto a Sicarus ship, and commencing the legendary roast wave, before attending the pirates meeting. After hearing the proposed plans of the pirates on how to deal with the imposing Sicarus forces and enacting revenge on the organisation White sea, Motor Knight thinks up a plan that the pirates cannot refuse, involving slaughtering the Sicarus armada and striking a deal with those of white sea. Doug aids in Motor Knight's convincing of Captain Apollo's partners and to his discontent the pirates vote on MK's plan. On the way back to Apollo's ship the group is attacked by ninjas sent by Cinere, whom are ultimately defeated but the crusaders. right before he kills em, Growther is stopped by [old guy] who convinces them to take the assassin under their wing, so they do.

Finally having some downtime MotorKnight hangs around in Pharepaix with his comrades, engaging in a variety of miscellaneous activities. INCLUDING BUT NOT LIMITED TO; Going on a booze run with the boys, apprehending criminals, taking in underprivileged street kids, finally going out with Jenny, setting up a cage match between world leaders, meeting Genesis Valentine and General Stronghammer, Realizing Rodney might not be a womanizing buffoon, watching Daniel release a demon, messing around at Rodney's wedding, and watching Gowther die

The party's ongoing quest to locate the Elemental Rings eventually leads them to the air plane where they sneak into a dragons lair in order to retrieve one of the rings. When entering the lair the team deals with a large group of kobolds guarding the treasure by tricking the kobolds into believing their bags of holding are actually portable stores contained in a pocket dimension and suffocate all but one. The dragon returns its lair, forcing the Crusaders to hide. They inevitably are found out by the dragon and commence battling it. Doug ends up killing the dragon with his OP-ness before MK can land a hit, upsetting him somewhat. His spirits are lifted however when they realize they get to take the mountains of riches the dragon has collected. The party collects several thousand gold pieces and returns to the keep.

A few days after Rodney leaves they get a letter from him that he was tricked into a political marriage by his father. The party cleans itself up and attends the wedding, mostly to figure out whats going on with the silver bastard. After jumping out a few windows with Growther and Apollo, MK Joins Daniel in being bored to death during the ceremony. The two engage in playing cards and alcohol to pass the time, until being woke up by a noisy Blood knight. After the ceremony the team sneakifys into the dungeon of Rodney's father-in-laws castle to save the planet or whatever. they chill out with a sphinx and a rock dude and check out some crystals. The party notices some cave paintings depicting a familiar figure.The crew eventually makes it to the room containing the elemental ring after making their way through a trap-filled dungeon, in which Motor Knight sets off a trap and gets his ass handed to him by a [whatever the fuck that was i wasn't there] and his armour is ruined. The team retrives the ring and [some shit happens i wasn't there]. The party also trys killing a terrasque and attempts to defeat it before coming to their senses. MotorKnight hangs back in an attempt to save Alfonse but other party members beat him to it. The party retreats back to the portal but the terrasque follows, Growther sacrifices himself so the party has time to escape.

Para Bellum (Arc 5) Edit

The party returns to the keep where MotorKnight is greeted by his worried girlfriend, and proceeds to console her. He discards his now tarnished suit of armour and gets a tailor-made one crafted for him while the party plans to sneak back into [that place] to retrieve the elemental stone. Using disguises MK, Doug, Alphonse, and Doofus sneak into the dungeon and re-acquire the stone. The Crusaders then head into the wastelands in their quest to bring back the assassins whom had attacked them, meeting Devila and other powerful individuals along the way. Having found the components necessary they resurrect the assailants saving Neila.

Heading into the country of Este MotorKnight prepares for his upcoming fight with General Stronghammer by attending his meet and greet, where MotorKnight heckles him in disguise. The two meet face to face and a legendary fight unfolds, granted not how MotorKnight would have done it but hey, it was pretty sick in the end.

Following the defeat and execution of Stronghammer, the team moves onto Queen Alma and swiftly attacks her. The queen however proves to be more than a match for the Crusaders and collapses her tower on them and herself. After breaking a obelisk and nearly defeating Alma, a familiar face steps in and halts the fight. Mr.N appears and reveals that his deal with the queen had expired and that Doug was her rightful killer. He then presents the team with three things; The truth to their greatest inquiry's, a tempting deal, and their prophetic fate. It is here MotorKnight is revealed a dark secret. Mr.N then explains that by breaking the obelisk they have began the forthcoming of a demonic invasion, and have one month to prepare. The crusaders clear out the ruined castles riches and inform the revolutionaries of the oncoming attack, with MK telling the leader to assemble a special team of its finest warriors.

Upon returning to the keep The Crusaders began training for the upcoming battle, not before aiding Rodney with eliminating his father-in-law who was revealed to be a Rakshasa. They once again sneak back into the castle and snuff the Rakshasa with relative ease, upon his death however he summons two dragons to attack the team. MotorKnight manages to survive dragons fire point blank while saving Neila, who aids him setting up explosive charges. Dismembering one of its wings with the help of Rodney, He and the bard are picked up by the second dragon and are thrown from the tower window, having nearly fell to his death. Rodney portals them back on top of the dragon and MK lands the killing blow by severing the beasts tail, remaining wing, and head in one masterful attack. The wyvern squad rolls up late to the fight and commends the team on their efforts. With the old king dead Princess Neila is crowned the new queen later to be joined by Rodney as her king. The party now travels back to the keep to once again prepare for the oncoming attack.

At the keep, mere weeks before the proposed attack the party is informed of a ĺe͏a̧d̡ that may post-pone the attack by some time. The party travels to Kirlley to apprehend it's factions leader [that guy], Th͟e̡ ̡par̸ty͠ ̷goes͟ ͡ţơ ̛th̵ȩ ̡"͜Salt͘y͡ ͡Sp͝i͘toon͞"̶ t̕a̸v҉ern̶, ҉whi͟ch ҉t̢h͢e̵y̛ ̕h͝a̢v̧e͠ bee͘n ̛f͢or҉ma̡lly i̵n͞vit͏ed͠ t͜o ͡s͏ome ̕tìme̸ ̡ag̵o.i̬͙͍͈̲͖̰n͇s͢i͕̞ͅd̬̘͔e̙̖͙͚ ͅM̙̀K͓͚͉̲̣̝͟ ̢goe̳̯̜͇s̡̤̠̰̰ ̴̫̖̮̗͚ṣ͉t̶̰̩͈̞͓r̩͉̫̪a̻̩i̷͔̞̩͉̖̬̙g̸ͅh̫̰̀ț ̴̻̤̪̦̠͙ţ̜̣̮͍̦o̖̖͉̖̪͓̦͡ ̥͍͈̗̤͢d͕̪͍͎͡r̦i̘͕̫͝ͅn̪̫͙͔͉̗͉k̜̤͓͕̤̩̖ì̜n҉̮͖̭g̥͖͞ ̲͕̞͍w̡̠h͇̫i̗̪l͖̥̟͇̦e̵ ͈̫̺̠͕͇͚t͈͈̣̼̦̤͠h̞̮̦e̻͚͎̦͢ ̷̮̙̹̦̦r̰̬̺̼̙͎̤e̟̦̘̺̠s҉̦t̰̻ ͚̱̝o͝f̨̞̬͍ ̸̣t̼͟h̝e̷͍͖̗ ͕͈̗͈̣p̰̗̟a̩̱̙͙r̕t̤̤̤͖̰͉y͓͍͙͙͙ ̜̹s̭̹̜t̝̺̼͚̬̩̻a͔͘r̛̪̫͖͉͕t͉̪̩̼s̪̩ ̶a̙̹͜ ̙̘̤͕͢b͉̮͖͞r͇̝̠̙͔͉aw̜̲̱̖͇͇l̜̭͡ ̷̼͇w̧͓̻̥̞̰̼̜i͚̦̪ͅt̲͟h̲̗̮ ̷t҉h̝̼̥͈̬̦ͅe̺̭̥̜̝̕ͅ ̙͈͖͚͚͞ǫt̼̱ͅͅh͎͔̰̮͇͉e̵͉̯r̖̩͙ ̬͚̝̯̬͉ͅc̨͎͈̖̖̟ͅͅus̨̻̙̺̮̰t̜͇͙̤̠ơ̥͈̳̺̙m̷͖̥͓ȩ͓r͔͙̩͟s̺̪̲̝͇.̵͉̟͙̘ ̢̫̖O̺̠͓͔ṷ͈̗ts̮͉͇̭̙̀i̻d̯͎̘̳̹͓͞e ͙͇̱͙͕͜D͓͔̗̱̳͍e͠v͓̦̫͖̦̗i̤̙l͍a ̻̰̞̲͍b͏͙̯͕̣̖̲̣e̜̥̺̬̘a̧͕̪̤t̬̥̹̜̱̪̖s̗̹̟̗̲ͅ u̥͡p ̝̟̰ṣ̮̦̬̪̙̳͘o̡m̧e ̯͉̖͇̼k̠i̜d͓̳͈͖͚̫̝ ͟s̺̠̯̠̣͍i҉̹͍̬̰͕n̩̣̭͉͕̹̥͡c҉͚̮͙̥̠ẹ̴̬͓ ̟͓̹s̷̖̖̰̲͎͙h̗̳̘̗̪̱͚e̻̞̻̻'s͈͈̮̻͍͈͓ ̴̮̮̝a̡̲̯̩̠ ̱p҉͚̻͎ś̳͙̪͍̻͖̘y̙͕̥̦c̻̝̮̰͔̱͈͞h̪o̝̤ ͏̥o̙̜̭̼̣̰̙r ̼̞̳̣̼̟w̧̗h̨̖̟̲̬͕a̰̦̝̩͎t̺̻̣̠̝̜ͅev̻̻̦̺̺̩̘́e̹̻̞̱͔̟͡r̭͕͖ͅ. ư͡҉͓̖̮͎̥n̷͡͏̺͉̳̩̱̳̳̭ͅḑ͠͏̲̯̜e̢̹̰n̵̮͔̖͚̻ò̥͈̯̩̟̱̩̠͜w̴͔̹̘͉̝͢ņ̞͔͖̼̥̣͍͜c̸̛̠̖̥̟̼̠̰͓e̵͇̙̰d̘͇͈̬̜̫̱̺̀ ̶̜̜̳̙͍͈͎̪t͚̙͔͖̞́͡ó̥̗̲̪͕͍ ̝͓̗͎͇̕͠t̨̛͏͕̩̗͔̫͈ͅh̢͏̝̭͚͎͇͇͎͈ ̢̼̬e̶̹͈̮ ̗͓̭͍̰͡e҉̮̲̣̱̣̠͍ͅ ̨̦̟̝͇͔̰ḙ͔̕͝2̢̼̯̞̪͈̠̮͟4̶͙̤͎̬̬͚̀͢ ̣̼̘͜5͙̀͘ͅ ̪̝́ ̶̮̬͇̯̥͜ͅ5̼͝p̡̫̻̥̜̀a̬̩͖̠̩͓͚͟t̡͖̠͚͉̠̜̥̘̣r҉҉̲y̡̩̼̪ ҉͓̺͓̙̖͚̭̝t҉͖͉͞ḩ̟̲̭̣̜͎̠ͅa͕̬͜ͅţ̛̞͙̹̘̜͕͙̫ ̴̶̛̯͔̻̹̣g̭͉̱̙̠̘͔̼ ̢͚̥̟ ̴̻̼̣͍ǵ̬̙̣͖͎̥̖̀ ̸̨͖̖̙̻́g̦͓̼̟̳͜ ̜̱̳̦̣̜g̶̯͓̗͖͖̲̗̕ͅư̸͈͔̫̰̠̱y̵̻̞͔̻̱͓͞ ̹͓̭͠ͅf͕̣̞̗̜͕ó̵̟́u̸̩̜͔ń̞̖̹̀d̡̰̗̙͠ ̷̹̼̟̬̀t̡̬̞̲̠̜ẖ̳͓̲͖͝e͖̖̥̥̜m̻̬̗͉̻̱͞͡ ̡́҉͈͕̦à͓̼̲͢n̛͖̮d̛̜̬ ̫̠̹c̶̦͓͔͕a̛͈̠p͍͍̭̳t̥͖͠u͙͇r̵̠̳̤̰̠͚é̴̮͔͍̻̣̞d͇̦̱͠ ̶̢̙͉̗͕̳͉͇͍͖͞ț̺̠̭̳̜͍h̗̹̼͈͕͟͟͡e̴̢͉̦̦̻̦͖͟ͅ ́͏͕̜̺̞a̧͉ḍ̹̝̫v҉̣͈̤͍̹͢h̙̗̠̪̪̰͠e̘̹̮̝̬̰͞3̛͍̳͙͝ ̱̗̳̯̰̥͘3͇͔̺̘̰ ҉̨̨̟̹̣̗̯̝̝3̢͍̕ͅ ͔͙̜t̢͉͇̰̩̖͇̱ͅu͕r̸̛̝̤͖̞e̼̹̹̫͇͜ͅͅs͙͎̻͕̮̜̻̺ ͕̲͡ ̞͖͟t͕̻̻͔̖͈̘͇ ̷̖̺̠͙̰̲̬͖̀6̧̜̙̞͎̞̞̩̲͈͞͡6͇7̻͓͡͠.̶̧̠̘̞̬̭̳͢ ̷̤̺̹͖̦͓͚͇̦̀t̬̠̰̬̯̼̕͟͞h̸̜͖̭e̲̹̙̠̯̘͝ ͉͉̤͙̺͍́͢p͏̷̧̺̺̲a̢͏̖̥̤̼̠̫̝p͕͈̥̯̀͘pͅa̤̲͘p̸͕̭̭̗͕͢ ̙̝̤̙͕͓w͎̥͙̹͖͡a͠͏̪͕k̨͈̺e̴̡͖͕͝s̢̼͖͘ ̞̩̕[̗M̘̟̪͕͕̼̻I̫̟S̹̭̯̕͡S̖̲̘̼̠͕̝͠I̶͍̲̼̮̭N͎̹̣̗͟͜Ǵ̨̮̦͇ ͎̝͉̣͘͠R̢͇̯̦E̙̟̝̖͖̞̕͢D̼͖͓̤̞̟̖̱I̭̺͈͖̬̲͓R̵̛̤̰̦̫͘Ę̤̱̜̦̣̰̺͇̟͞C͖͇̰̝̙̜ͅṬ̴̡͔̮̬͜]̳̫̤͙̻͔͕̀ ͈͝a̫̙̖̜̪l̵͓̘̳̲̝̤̠̘͎l͙͙̝̠̙̕ ̷͈͎̖̥͙̀͢l̨̜̥͔̩̹ͅo̶͙̞͝f̧̯̝̘̕ ͓̪̹̪͙͔̳̜̮ț̸̢̖ͅh̨̭͉̝̯̳͜e͕̤͇̫͎̼͢i͏͈̘̞̝͟ę̩̥͉́ ͇͓̱̲͍̀͠ͅt͉̳͕͟͡h̵̲̪́e̻͔͚̼̞͔̭į̶̗̜̭ŕ̵҉̗̩ ̮̩̗̫̠̯͘͞͞t͕̻̹͍̣̬͉̱h̶̷̖̣̙̜̻̠͓͉̘ȩ̟͔̦̞̱̘̞ͅi҉̵̨̲͓̹̠̞̮̬r̷̹̝̮̥ ̖̗͉̩͈͎̱̠͙t͈͈̭̲h̴̹̝e͚̝̦͈̕i̮̗͇̜r̪̝̻͟ ͈͔͚̭̲̜͘͡t̡̼̹̣h̛̖͓̩̟̝̯̤͘͞e̷̖͚i̙͙͖̩r̞̙͖̹̰̬͓̹̘͟ ̴̤̹̼̩̱̘̝t̥͇̤͜ͅh̵̠̯̮̣̦̙ͅȩ̷̬i͉͘͟r̢̮̝̼͓̥ ̹̝̤̗̠i̲̞͇̭̼̘̕t̛̺̘͚̪͈͙̰e̸̘̗͖͖m̺͓͇̱s͇̻ ̻̩̝͇ͅș̢̻̟̳̙̖͉̝͈3̴̨̺̩̙̟̟̪t̛̤̠̞̤̗̘ò̧̰̜̦̘̹̞l̷̨͓̼̠̯͓e̴̼͎͡͠ṇ̷̡̟͡.̞̼̙͟ ̙͕̕͞p͏͉͖̳̳͙0̴̴̼̠w̸͚͓͍̬͝3̼̪̬͈̱̹̦́́ŕ̥̲̖͍̕l̢͕͕̘͉͖͝e̬̩̥̹̕͝s̶͏̲̯̮̟s҉̸̣̟͙͚̻͚̮ͅ ͕͖͘t̻̹̘̬̯͔͢h̨̡̲͍͎̘̪̳͈͖͔e͏̳͎̬͚y͏̰͓͎͓̖͔̙ ̡̱̟͉a̧̨̟̼͙̦r̵͎̰̹̝̖͡ͅę̗̹͟ ̡̠̲̜̮̹͕c̡̹̗̞͓̯o̗̠̞͇͕̙͍̹ń̶̖̫̻̲͡ͅf̗̳͖̰̳̯̫ͅr͓̗͖̗̫o̴̗̼̯̮̺͉͘͝ṇ̼̱̳͔̼̟͡t̷̵̞͚̪͔͎͢ę̷͇͉̞̦̞̫̜̜͡d̬̳̹̭͖̀ ̘͙̼b̸̷͖̗̼̖̜̮ ̵̡̪̗̭̠͔̥̩ͅy̵̘̩̰̩̗͇̪̰ ͇̰≠̻̜̠̦̙̮̗̙[̢̯̮̰̗[̫͓͚ͅ[̢̙̯͕͙̝̰͔N̨̥̯͉]̛̤̻̯̞̕]̷͈̯͕̯͚͖]̶̡̙̯͖̼̯͙̗=̙̼͓͞ ̸͙͇̞̰w̷̲̤͉̘̰̻͘ḫ̣͜i͏̹̯̹͕͔̘̕ ̨̣̱̦̀h̛҉̻̥͚͍͎ͅͅd̟̪͘d̖͍̻͓͇̪͟h̸͉̥́d̢̠͍̪͚̪͓͚̰͡ͅh̴͖̙͝d̥̤͚̭͞h͖̺͇̻̳̦̝d̟̦̟̹̠̙d̥̱̠̠̺̭́h̞̮̞̭̹̪̜d͏͓̼̱̝̤̤͜6̸̺̹̗̖͝4̺̦͖̭̞̪̳͍̖͝͞7̗͡8̟̹9̵̛̝̯̠̥̜ ̵͇͙͈̣̠̀g̼̫̞̬r̸̢̯̬̳̖͈͉͈ͅa҉͚͍̦͇n̮̱̣͇͍t̫͈͔ş̳̱̰̗͓́͠ ̟̗̲̯̭͕̕t̶̝̩̟̦̪͝h̶̹͕͕̪́͘ͅe̸̩͍̺̣͟m̡͕̩͎̼̕ ̴͕̬͞o͕͓̦̙̤̣̞͠ṇ̝̤̹̰̦̹̺͜e̱̩̪̪̥̳͜ ̵̯̤͓ǫ҉̫͈̳̪̙͍͈͙f̵̩̫̞͉͎̬̱ͅ ̡̬͚̳̺͉͙̳͞t̶̝̣̠h̤͜͝ͅe̵̜̻͇̹̣̟̺͝i̛̭̥̠͖̰̦̩̰̝͞r̺̝̠̫͘ ̘̼i̩͕̦͈̖͠ṱ̷̟̝͙͇̱͎̦̱́e̴̻̬̹̟̙̤͇m͏̭̤̬͔̱̤s̕͘͏͈̲͎̯͚͔͖̣ ̞̫͎̬̰͈̥͕6̹̳̪̲̤͘͞0̡̱̬̞͉̟͎̟̣-̱̗̫̮͇͉͖ͅ,̜͕̱́/͔̠̫[̧͍̭͇,҉̲̣͔͎̼.̰̯̪͔͓,̤̞̮͟ͅm̗̠̺͍͍͔,̧̡͙̦̞͔̩̖͈̟<̧͚͙͇͖̼͎͇̥̪>͏҉̗͔̹̤͉̲̭̫̠≮̡̬̀>̴͔͎͕͉͙̭<͔͔͠>̖̬̞̫̘̹̗͜ ̞D̮̝̬͉̗͙͓̭͟E̼̞̖̱̙A̙T̴͍̰̝Ḫ̯̙̙̙̠͕̺̫́ 666 T̸͈͚̟̳͙̰̯̯̯H̷̶̹̥͍̫͉E͞͏̻͎̯̙̜̜̩̻̙̭̥͇̱̺Ỳ̸̡̫͇̹̘̘̪̦̺̯̭̘̹̠̼͚̗͖̮͢ͅ ̵̨̯̪̘̩̤̫̰̗͎͡F̴̩̤̻̳͕̦̪͙͙̹͘͢͞͠Ą̡̯͎̘̯͕̘͖̪̩̼̩̼͉͟͢ͅͅĮ̛͖̝̺̜͎͔̯͙͖͎̪͍̬͉̘̹̕L̷̡͇͎̼̬͟͞͠È̛͓̳̦͙̰̘̕Ḏ̗̳͈̝́͠ ̴̢̼̖̪̜̜̝͈̲̹̖̜͜͟Ţ̶̡͚̞̠̩̭̗͎͉͎̲͇̙̼̟̲̳͙́̕ͅO̵̮̭̲̞͎̹̟͙̲̤̮̞̘̖͢ͅͅ ̷͍̬͇̰͔͈̩̼̣͍͔̠̹̲͔͇̞́P̨͏́҉̠͉̙̠̥̀R̶̵̳̝̪̮̤̕̕O҉̸̧͙̬͕̙̳͙̳̮̣̼̠͖̺̬̜̪̗͟ͅT̨̛̙̗͚̬̜͎͔͉͚͕̘̹̬̞̝͙̰͘͟Ę͚̖̘̻̩̦͚̬͙̟̘̮̗̟͓̰̘͠C҉̵̛̻̞̘̯̙̦̳̝̞̜̫͕̹͈̗̳͈̜͢T̸͚̗̰̼͉̳͓̝̙̹̰̪̳́͘ ̷̞̟̦̯̕T̫̱͓̩̟̳̝͇͔̥͘͜ͅH̷͏̘̳̻̼̭͕̣̠̟̙̘̖̲͇͇̙͓́͡ͅͅE̢̺͉͈̠̜͜ ̢̡̟̝̲͔͕͢͞I̢̡̛̝̙͚̹͙̪͖̗̰͖N̵̷̢̫̞̟̗̻̩̲͓̳̦̟͍̣̯̖͢Ņ̷̡̡̥̪̥̲͍̘̬͇͙͕̰̱̮͎̜̬̮Ơ̧̥̮̰͉̙͘͜C̵̵̜̠̩̼̝̫̻̳̠͈͈͟E͏̳̙̣͉̯̱̹̦̦͇̞̦̟͉͈͡ͅN̴̹̰̣̘̜͎̥̼̖̲̜͉̥̫̲͘͘͜͞T́҉͚̥͓̯̻̟ ̴̜̝͎̦̬̪́͞ͅT̢̺͕̮̬̻̠̫̤̬͈́́H͏̛̪͍͔͉̟͕͚̪͇͍̲̦̰̼̘ͅĘ̶̴̛̫̹̞̖̤̝̙̺̟̞̘͚͉̳̳͝ͅ ̨҉͚̜͍̫̱̼̝̲̞͇͈͇̗̬͎͉̱̫P͘͘͝҉̶̥͚̯̗̱̯̗͍̣͔͇ͅͅa̶̦̦̰͔̘̻̻̥͎̞̬̗̫͢ͅŕ҉̦̮̲͚̀t̬̩͇͖͓̝̲̦̕͘͡ý̫̣͎̞̲̹͉̱̗̭̬̬̗̪̺̯̕ ̴̧̦̟̗̠̭̖̕͞͝í̵̯̝̪̲͇̳̲̤̰̥̖̫͞ͅş̷͓͔̰͓͉͇͎̱͍̠͘͜͜ͅ ͇̜̰͓̩̝̭̬̗̘͇͍̱̻͖͈͔̬̹͟ṭ͔̳͉̖̝̰̭̹̘͚̯͙͘͟͟͡ŗ̵̵̲͙̮̖̪̱̫͕͓̗̱͚͕̹̹͠ą̦̰̘̦̥̘͙̖͇͉͕̱̳̹͔̠͎̯͘p̧̛̮̗̱̳̭̜͢͜p̷͙͇̠͚͍̗̖̩̖̤̯̗̪̝̀̕ͅe͏̡̫̪̱̣̤͇̞̺̥̞͔͔̫̀͘d̴̕҉̻̬̖̟̠̘̗̼̪͙̭ ̶̴̴̡̨̙̞͎͈͉͙̮͙̞̥i̻͎͍͕̰̲̣̮͉̳͓̬͈͈͘͜ņ͇͉̮͓̣̱̹̭͍͉͍̝̫̼̯ ̸̢̨̯̫͉͚̥͈͉̰̪̪͕͓̮̱̯̣a̡̧͕̥̤̯͙̻̞̣͇̳̖̺͉͡ ̢̳̩̟̜̮͚̙̟͔͚͢͟͡͠p̵̷̷̮̟̱̙̭̬͍͓͙̕͝ͅr̛̝͚̠̼̙̯̟̣̜͔͙͉ơ̧͍̖̰͍̰̪̞ͅ0̸̷̕͏̴̖̹̪̭͖̯͓͓͕̘̦̪͔̥̘̗4̷̡̨͙̥̰̗̮̩̖̪̱͎̳̣̺͔͖͕̼4̸̢̱͓̠͓̘̮̬̫͓͚͜͠4̺̺̥̯̗̹̼͍̣̻̞̤̠͘͜͜͝ͅ0̶̛͚͎̖̮̞̺͍̪̺͙͢͞ͅͅ4̵̵̢̥̻̘̹͟͝ͅ0̸͟͏̟̲͍̬͎̩͕̪͔̘̫̻͙̼̱͉͇ś̡̢̝̖̝̤̘̬̥͕̳̫̜̞͖͡ͅͅo̢̳̥͈̖͢n̵͕̝̝͟ ̷͏̵͉̱̝̯̹̩͎̞̺̗͔̮̫̻̟̻̝̀̕c͠҉̲͇̞̩̩̯̩̘̠̹͍ͅͅͅe̸̞̝̤̙̣̹͕̩̘̣̩͎͕̜͎͈͟͜͝ͅͅl̡̠̬͈͍͈͚̯̝̠̳̫͙̪͖͓͈͞ͅ ͏̴͔̟̠͕͕̻̥͝9̴̴̨͙͎̦̼̰̀̕ì̴̡͔̻̠̜̠͕ͅ-̨͏̵̩͇̮̮͚̯̀͡9̢̧̲̬͍̗̘͇̲8̭͕̼̀́̕͢ͅ ̷͓̦̣̻̺̠͙͠͝͞ ̘̙̫̻̱͚̝̦͓̭̜̙͔̞̮́̕͢7̴̨͏̴̫̜̯̦̺͚͍̣͈̲͉͈̠̭ͅy͏̴̖̫̟̻͍̜͇̥͍̻̞͙̻̳̙̱̪͝͠u̺̹̲̘̰͍͓̘͎̺̗͍̣̪̲͉͍͓͟͜͜͟͠r̸̵̠͇͚̥̹̣̯͕̹̩͘͞b̝̬̭͇͖̫͚̮͚̠̱̫̱̣͇̬͟e̷̴̛̞͙̯̰̩̰̙͖̭͓b̴̙̣̲͇̟̖͍̠̳͕͙̺͈̱̻̠̦̻͓͠͞6̶̸̡̖̮̜̩͉̠͎̤̙̥̺͓̱̼͉͘w̸͏̨̝͕̰̙̠̟͍5̢̙͓͓̟͉̰͙̫̰̜̺͕̮̭͈̱͘͟͠b̷̶̨̬̺͚͔͕͍̞̻̰͕̞͍̟ ͜҉̛̯͖̥͔̹͖͎̜͉̣͎̜̻ͅͅ0͉̹̱̫̱̕7̴͈̞̹͈͙̹̪̞̭͇͇̮̣̳̻͞͝0̳͇̣̺̟͚͙̦͍͕̭̭̫͜9̣̬̤̝̜͕̜̣͖͕̥͔̟͢͟͠4̰̜̞̯̩̗͍͕̙͔̬̪͖̭̦͔͞͞5̧͏̷̱̣̞͍̺̤͔͍̹̟͉̼̳͉̺̗͢ͅ3̡͏͕͈̫͉̺4͢͞҉̨͇̰̯̩̮̖̗̻̥͉̯̫͓͠ͅ ̢̛͎̙̱͇̦͍̲ę̸̠̲̩̹̪̖̭͙̪̹̠͎̪͝͝s̨̞̦̮̗͉̤̩̝̗̤͙̤̲̟̀͞c̶̼̞̩͚̣̦͚̟̺̬̫͘͘a̴̢͍͖̣̙̝͚̯͚̞͎͖͚͢p͈̰͇̮̲͔̞̀͘̕͜e̶̛͉̥͖̻̜͜͡s̶̵͏̸̮̜͕̟̯̳͜ ̴̨̛̼͈̹̖͕̺̘̠̳̺͕͕̹̠̬̝͖͟ͅḙ̵͙͔̰͇͍̼̺̀̀ͅw̸̜͎͇̻̮̮͚̟̳̟͚̱̝̣̟̖ͅj̶̡͎̬̞̱̱̮̼͖͓̲̟͓̜̖̦̳̩e̵̢͙͈͔̰̯̟͕̭̮͈̦͖̠̘̻͡ͅͅn̨̡͍̻͍͔̪̳̤̗̮̬͔̘̥̤͚̱̭ ̧̠̠̞͔̺͇̺̭͖̤̕w̶̴̛̪͉̲̟͔͓̠͙̥͚̦̻̬͖͕k̵̢̛̥̥̺̙̰̣̮͉̝̪̞̹̠̦͘j̴̨̻̺̲̱̰̪̪͖͝n̶̷͉̞͙͇̖̲̺̜̻͇̳̳͜͢k̨̧̺̝̬̗͉͖ ̡̘̬̭̹̠̫̫͍̩̖̫͓͡͠ͅ3̸̸͔͕͙̰̦̬̗̥̮̪̼̬̥̙͞4͏̯͓͔̥̘͍̀̕͢͝7̵̱̭͓͎͎͓̀ ͏̶̶̵͉̙͔̳͕͉̩͙̣̟̳̜̳ţ̸̴̶͈͈̖̖̠̙͎̙̠̖̞̺̟̤̩͓̰̜o̢͟͠҉̥̬̤̮̞̹̳̻̥͈̞̬̲̩̗̥̠o̷̴̗͔̱͔̳͠ ̸̶̷̙̬̲̬̲̩͉͙̤̺̗͇̲͠l͔̯͖̳̬͔̗̘̳̙̟͕͉͜͡a̛̜͓̰̺̤͈̗͉̤̳͇͎͖͠t҉̼̪͍̲̖͕̖e̸̛̪͔̬̤̬̹̘̞̹͉͓̤͙͓̹̦͔̱͡͝ ͖͙̜̻̱̳͚͍̺̼̪̭͎̗̖̟͜͞t͎̞͓̹̺̪͚͎͉̪̩̻͙͘ơ̵͕̪̫̳̹͙̦͕̺͖̻̗͕̹̼̦͢͟͝ͅ ̧̲̙̲̲̟͕̫͎̭̣͟s̡͢҉̜͚͇̫̮̖̙̘̣a̛͜҉͔̫̫͙̙̩̮̰̯ͅv̧̛͕̱̱̮̦̟̫͍̼̯̹̹͖͍̞̥̮̭e̡͔͎͖͇̗͇̪͓͕̻͔̜̹̯̲͍̣̦͟ͅ ̷̧̕͏̤̺̠̥͕̞̦͖̫̞̠̖̣͚͍͖ạ̡̼̠̪͚̱͎͇̯͍̦̳̮͕̞̞͚͎͢͟n̨̡̻̳̲͉̖̕͢͠ý̠͔̪̹̯̩̩͇̰̻̲͕̰̝̱̠̯͜ò̢̼͓͖̻̹̱̹̼̣ņ̵͍̩̻̟͔̻̹̝̱́̕͡ͅͅe̴̡̛̬͙̦̦͈͔̬̺̤̼͇͔̣̻̩͍͢͜ ̷̡͙̱̮̹̜̮͕̬̞̲͓̮͉͓͔̘͔̞͞ ̧̜̮͖̩͍̀͝ ̶̡̩͙̤̪̝̙̜͇̙̬̣̞̰͖ͅͅ ̡̜̝͉̠̪͚͖̼̩̫͍͔̫̀ ̸̴̸̩̪͔͕̠͉̹̖͍̲̬̺͖̰͈͍̼́ͅ ҉̸̣̣͓͇̟͈̮͚͇̰̬̪̲̳̬͓̬͇͇͘͟͝ ̴̛͓̻͓͙̫͠ ͎̰̝̼̦̘̱̭̩͇͇̟̦̖̺̱͖̀͡ ̢̢̗̰̲̝̝̫̻͚͚̣̘̞̖͚̻͚̖͢ͅ ̡̯̫̗̳͇̭́ ̷̡̳̥̮̰̖͉̻̮̪̠̣̠̮̤͖̗͙̰͕͜͠͠ ̸̡̩̻͎͇͡͠ ̠̯̻̫̳̤̗͎̭̪̞̹͉͢͝ ̨̳͓͖̺̝̜͕͓͚̥͕̠̩̹̖͕͔̬̀͜5͈̞̼͖̠̼͍͜͝ͅ6̷̶̘̙͖̲̖͉̠̞̙̮̤̞̩̪̯̟͞5̷̡̧̛̝͓͈̘̺͖̙͓̣̙̯̜͙́ͅ6̱̣̟͓̤̰̲̼͜6̡̨̡̰̭̲̼̰̟̱̮̱͕̼̳͓́͞6̨̧͕̳̮̺̺͎̝̩̞͖̗͎̜̕͜͠5͉̺̩͙̻͚͔͎͇͚̙̕͟ͅͅ ̴͎͔̖̟̟̬̻̖̳̖̼̯̬́͡c̨̨̱͔͈̱͙͇͙͈̞͘͢u͏̸̳̞̖̥̥͓͇̺͉͇̜͙̟̰̘̦r̛҉̢̢̠̻̠s̷̷̨̝̤͚̯͖e̱͈̝͉̤̙̫͇̭̝͟͢͡ͅd̨̻̱͕̟̭̱̟̥̥̞̀́ ̵͈̥͙̙̭͓͚̥̣̞͓̬̤̟͖͘͡͝h̴̨͚̰̳͓͓͓̤͓͚͖ę̶͕̥̻͚̳͈̠͍͚̣̦̭̭̞͚̗͇ͅr̺̙̼̳̖̼̬̤͔̺̩̬̤̭̭͘͠o̵̡͓̞̼͕͕̱̘͉̤̠̼̯̳͇̜̜͖͎̠͟͠e̢͓̩͇͠͠s͔̣͇̤͍̹̘̫͇̪̀͜ ̞͈̱̩̺̭̥͚̼̺͍̫͎͝ͅ ̧̞͔̰̘̮͚̤̭͡͡ ̧͏̴͙͓̟̹͈̕͟ ҉̷̵̜̼̣͙̟͍͈̙͉̜̼͈̦̗̠̗͕͜͡ͅ ̶̶̨̼̩͍̲̟̘͇͜͠ ͜҉̴̢͎̮̝̬̥͖̭̻͙̩̳̟̕ ̦̙͖̩͝ ͏̨̜̩̞͙̹͚̼͍̖̙ ̵̟̥̗̰̩̬̖̘̪̠̯̟̣͖̩̭̘̤͙͘͘ ̴̶̶̛̬̤͙̙̦͍̮̯̼̲̻͕̱̞͡ ҉̹͕̤̖̦͟͢͝ ̶̵̢̨̗̤͉͎͕̬̳̘͝ ͎̰̙̙̩̻͔̮̟͓̠̩͔̱̹̕͢ ̵̷̨̙̹̱͈̖̥̖̰̦͔͈̩͓ ̡̥̯̱͕̯̹̣̫̹̱͜ͅ ̴̵̫͎̼̦͕̮͎̬̖̘̱̘̣̞̙͚̩̘̭͘ ̖͉̦̘̞̺̲̰͚͔̯̲͈̹͇͔͚͇̭̀͢ ́҉҉̙̣̥̥͍͕̬̗͖̖̙͜͜ ̵̡̫̯̜̯̪̬̫̹̰͚̩̝̞̺̯̠͡ͅ ̸̨̨̳̗̠͖̠̩̺͕̰̗̪̤̱͜͡ ̷͓̹̳̯̘̻͕͉̪̻̹̩̻͟ͅ ͇̠͎͈̺̹̝̘͕͍̺͓̙̻͈͟ͅͅ ̶̴̧̝̭̜̖͍͙̳͙͙̦̣͝ ̶̭̩̭̱̳̥̕ ̨̡̧̡͚̞͍͔̠͔͕͚͖̪̱̘̤̖́ ̵̧͓̞̼͙̝̤̜͕̹͈̖͚̻̩̪͔̻̹͈́̕͝ ̵́͘҉͖̣̭̩̘͔̙͚̻̘͖̮̼͉̗̫̭̬̭ ̛͘͏̷̡̹͇̪̬̭̫͓̺ͅ ̸̵̤͔͓͕͇͍̠͉̣͎̦͈̙͎̦̬̤ͅͅ ̶͡҉̼͈̱̦̰̬̝̼̦5̢͖͖̺̗͍̯̭̱̫̘͍̳͓̯̻͕̼͢͡͝͡5̷̶̸̩̻͖͘͜ ̵̸̡̨͍̙͖͖̦͉̥̟̗̘͔̱̱̟̖̱͓͙͢ ̷̧̝͕͈̮͜͞5̘̮̫̗͖̭̗͠͡ͅ ̸̨̩͙͈̻̲͉̭̭̠̠̩̦͖͔̯̕͜ ͎̝̞̣̯͙̫̝̬͖̕͡ ̷̼̗̣͇̳̝͍̘̖͓̙̗̙͕̜̀͘͢͠ ̕͏̛͔̦̙̮͖͚̦̟̖͓̠̀ ͚͔̲͕͈̲̘̼̫̤͚̬̻͍̤̺̮́͡ͅ ̢̭̱͇̣͚̥̣͖̫̳͇̘͜ ̷͕̟̖̳͉̬̜̮̬̭͈̩̼̺͍̣͠͝ ̡͘͡҉̰̜̬̪̼̗͎̝͙̼̯̝̯ ̴͘҉̥̘̗̭̥̰ ̵̨̛̠̫̞͖̗̺͈̥͜͝ ͏̺̞̘͔̳͖͟ͅ ̸̳̰͖̝̻̥͓̙̰̖͉̠̞̹͓̖̰̜ ̘̩̫͓̱̫̰͇̯̜̝̥̫͚̲͢͞ ̴̸̴͔̝͔̹͚̗͙͢͠ ̢̧̭͙̟̝̩̲̗̙̠͕̀͘ ̧̧̺̘̘̩̬͎͚̲͈̖̦̥̳̬̳͞ ҉̵͓͉͚̥͉͚̻͈̦̞͕̗ ̴̨̢̡͈̫̳͙̹͉̣͕͚̜͙̩̮̪̕ ̡̠̬̲̪̖̘͍̣̞̝̣̤̣́͞ͅ ̴̢̥͍̹͎̖̗̮̪̪̱̯͇̯̼̱ ̛̛͍͇̼̼̩͚͙͍̹̻̬̫̰̹̻̕̕͝ ͏̶̢̘͍̥̗̘̫͕̳̭̱̪͍̲̻̜̤͙̺̠̕ ̵͠͏̶̼̞̗͈̯̜̙͓̬̣͈̼̳ ̵̣͎̩͕͖͙͈̭̬̱̀ ̧̳͚̙͖̼͙̰̮́̀͟ ̷͎͈͙͚̤͝ͅ ̰̪̯̫͙̻̮̯̟̀́͘ͅ ̷̶̡̙͇̬̹̺͓̞̜͙̀ ͞͏̬̗̭͉̥͓̯̠̘͚̭̣̗̩̩̮̕͡ͅ ̛̮̪̳͡ ̴̢̟̝̘͖̲̠͍͉͇͔͟ ̨͙̻̪̪̮͍̖̗̤̫̗̩͎̝̙̟͞ ̡̳̻͔̭͓ ̷̩̹̗͙̗̭͕̱̭͍̘͟ ̷̶̝͈̺̹̦͎͉̜͉̞̱̻̺͇̺͓͖̥̕͟͝ͅ ̴̪͎̝̱̙̖̲͚͙̙̕͜͡͠ ̴̡̙̫̯ ̡̧̬̞̟̺ ̴̴̶̺̻͚̝̣͠ͅ ̡̛͎̬̖̥̟̫̝̘̱̙͜͢ ̰̫̝̪̯̮̞̳͚̫̰̗̖̻̲̻̲̤̕͘͞ ̷̵̷̧̢̘̪͈̮͖͚͔̦͈͇̤͖̮ ̸̦̫̺̪̤̮͓͡͡ ͏̷̸͎̜̪̩̥̲̘͇̣̘̩̯̟͙ͅ ̛͏̟͉̲̬̰͉̩͓̙̫̘͟F̷̷̢̛̫̲̼̼͖͇̤͕ ̜̗̗̖̝̩̳̣͉̖̥̞̳̣͡ͅÀ̫͖̖̱̦̱̱͕̘̞̭͕̞̼̖̩̤̖̕͘ ̶̧̡͏̸̠̼̰̮̠͈̻̯̲̫̠̬͇̖̥̘̥̥̞I̴̸͙̝̣̘̻͢͢ ̢̡̮̪͇̩̰͖͕͇̀̕̕L̵̡̛̘̫̮̟̰̭͈̗̭̗̻͉͖̠̼͙̘̀̕ͅ ̡̢̞̼̝̲̗̫̙̯͎̯͈̤̦̼̲̥̜͠͞U̩̣̩͔̼͉͙͢͡͞ ̷̢̙͎̳̜͍̫̤̹̼̰͚̤̮̘̖̹̟̰̹Ŗ̷̮̺̙͉͉̯̝̠͕̫̠͉̘̼̭͎͓͈̜̀̕͞ ̧͉͓͇͎̘̗͕̪̗̠̤̳̗́͡͡ͅÉ̵͈͉͕̝͍̖̟̯̖̰͎̥ ̵̨̛̼͖̣͕̺̤͙͖̺̟͔̤͢͝T̵̀́͢҉̜̤̦͎̭̥̼̫͕H̵̭̙̟̲̮̼̭͇͕̗̪͖͉͚́͢͞ͅͅÈ̶̡̨̩̟̺̬͎̘̬͚͉̻͡ ͕̯̲̩͈̀̕͟T̴̶̨͡҉̗͕̟͚̗Ì҉̢͇̙̹̜͖̠̗̳͔̬͙͓͖̖ͅͅM̷̡̫̜̩̙̮̫̞̖̹̥̗̜̝̥̼E̸͎̭̬̘̤̺̙̟̜̺̗͠͡ ̢͓̤̮̟͍̳̺̦̮̗̟̫̘̺̪̠̖̀͟͜͞O͏̯̻̖̫͉̳̫͎̯͉̹̲͖̮̮̱̺͟͟F̴̢͜͏͍̟̳̼͓̭̟͎̥̞̼ ͏̴̛̫̲̩̞̝̮̭̩̦͇̘̳̜͉͔̪͍͔̮͡R͏̜͖͖͈̤̰̖͔̤͔̰̩̣͉͔͟È́͘҉̝̟̱͖̩C̸̷̩̼̮̬͇̤̩̱̪͈̀͡Ò͢͝͏̻̟̣̘̬͍̭̘N̛͏̴͏̧͉̬̮̟̖̤̺̘̱̼͙̺̟̻͙̪I̵̧̢̯̳̱͚̥̙̥͘N͏̛̟̯̭̞͓̪̙̩̣͙̳ͅG͘͏҉̼̩͖̗̫̩͓̺ͅ ̶͠͏̬̤͕͉͈͕̯͖̩͓̼͎̲̲̯̙͝Ć̶̨̤̭̼̟̘͚͍͜À̷̛̞͈͙͉͖̝̱͙̩͈͓͍͉ͅN̸̡̯͔̗̫̹̗̳̝̖̲̤̩̣͖̙̩̗͡ͅͅN͜͝͏̰̣̦̺̦̯̺̘̰̲̘̪̳͞Ǫ͇̘̜̜̺̀ͅT҉̛̝̗͕̪̕ ̨̢̬̤̰̩̱̗͈̰̯̣̺̥̦̮̲͢͠͡B́͏̘̗͎̹̞̤̮̲͇̲͓̲̬͙̖̙̘͘ͅE̶̡̨̛̦̳͍̠͓̼̝̦̞̱̯͟ ̶̴͇̻̙̺̼̙̹̝̮̦̱͖̳̫̥̭͕́S̛҉͟҉̩͓͍̘̯̮S҉̸̩̹͙̞͉͉̰̹͖͈̥̰̼̮̤̙͠ͅT̷̛̝̙̳͓͇͕̤͕͖Ó̡̢̰͉̪͎̜͝͡P̶̧̛̦̖̲̼̥͓͚͕͖̖̦̤̥̜͕͓͝͡ͅP̣̰̯̳̲͔̺͟͜E̮͇̼̮̻̕͝D͡͏̷̢̧̡̖̦̗͔͕̖̘̺̱̝̰̖̣͔̱͈͍̙̥͈̥̣͓̻̞̼̯̗͚̻̬͉̻̺̞͙̐̅ͪ̆̂͝ͅ ̷̸͖̫̥͓̪̙̥͔̱͓̬̜̄̒̽ͣ͆̾̌ͤͨͪ̒̈ͮͤ͐̊̿͞ ̡̛͔͚̠̼̺̹̥̼̱͈̠͔̬͎̠ͨ̔ͯͦ̈͋̈ͪͅ ̛͈͉͙̯̖͉̜̳̺͇͎͔̬͕̙̻ͭ͗ͫ̾ͨ̈́̎͌͆̋ͦ̃ ̴̢̢͎͍̰̙̫̳̳̗͈̘̪̰̫̦̼̠ͫ͊ͯͫ̃̓ͪ̿̈̚͘͢ ̸̡̧̙̝̖͔̮̥̬̱̱̻͋͒̃͛͑̊̒̾̔̈͂ͭ̚ ̶̢̧̧̧̜̖̺͚̼̭̩̤̯̻͓͙̖ͨͣ̒̾͐́ͩ̎͑̆ͧͨ̐ͨ ̴̷̳͚̩͔̭̰͉̭̞͎̲̖̻͉̙̻͚̰ͬͩ̄̄ͨ̇̉ͥ̈́̾͑̽̑̄̔̿ ̷͇̝̗̥͔̩̣̗͕̭̖͖̫̟̳̯͓͑͛ͬ̆̿̄ͧͪ̃̂̇̉͘ ̵̧̝̰͚͈͖̩̟̲̳ͤ̐̓͗̊ͬ̒ͫͭͪ̔̀̄̓ͫ͆̒̔͜͠ ̠̪̪̫̙̼̠̫̱͕̟̺̐̽ͪͭ̉͑̊ͧ͑̄ͨ̈́̓̉͐̆̏͟ ̳̳͎̖͚̯̜͔͋ͥ͂͐͆̐͊͆̓́͑̅̊̄͂̕ͅͅ ̶̡ͦͬ͌̄̇͗̔̋̀̎͘͏̣̼̱ ̧̤͔͎͔̣̝̜̗͍̯̼̭͉̺̱̤͖̫̇ͦͤͥ̀͠͡ ̮̥͖̙̲̹̩͕͕̫ͧ͋̇̔ͥ̋͑͛͛͂ͫͮ̓̂ͨ͛̚̕ ̵̸̢̛̠͙̙̲̖̥͓̭̈̂̆͌̎ͯ́ ̢̛̦̙̥̣͕̱̺̤̹͓̟̤̱̘̥̳̳̂̂̐́̂̍̍̌̔͒̌̎̍̍ͩ̓̚ͅ ̆͗͊̿ͤͭͯ̔̌ͦ͋ͥ̾͆̔̚҉̴̬̩͜͜͝ͅ ͍͖̫͕̳̭̯̟̻͓͖͉̩̠͓̮̪̙͙̒ͫͩ̂͑̆ͣͥ́͜͡͡ ̢͇͙̝̜̖͚̣̩̤̺͎̥̥̖͔͈̰̈́̄͗ͮͣ̈́͑̃͗̇͛ͯ͊̀͠͞Ä̱̥͙̮̱̖͚͈́̉ͤ͆̀̄͗̎̅͝Ẉ̴̢͔̖̙̞͌̓̎̆̄ͨ̚̕͞Ŵ͓̫̠̭͚͖̹̗̬̺͓̤̖̝̠̰̊̐͌̒͋͌ͦͥ̒͛͟ ̵̨̢̣͈̯̝̣͉̜̗̄ͩ͗̒͗̐͋̉͆ͯ͗ͤͭͣ̇ͩ͊̊͜͞Ŝ̵̨̧̗̥͖͎̘̯͕̭̼̺͓̥͙ͫ͒ͨ̊̌ͫ̿̃ͩͮ̈̓ͪ̀ͤ̚ͅH̛̖̤̼͕̠̤͍̱͛ͥ̏ͬ̏ͭ̄̿ͩͬI̵̧̠̠̭̦͙̐͆̒͐̓̕̕ͅTͫ̐̑ͭͧ͊̊̉́͐ͮ̿ͣ̒̽ͥ̈́ͬ͟͠҉̠̞͉̟̗̬͔̮̻͎͎̲̯͕̙͙̤ͅ ̶̺̩͔̟̻̼̤͎̝̳̜̦͇̺̺̥̜́̅̂̈̈͂̿ͯ͑͋ͩ̒̈́ͤ͛̽̈́̚͠͝ͅċͧ̓̄̌ͧ̂ͭͤ͗̄ͤ͏̸̠̤̫̫̪͖̩͓̻̀́eͦ͑ͦ̂ͫ͊̋̔ͭͣ̂͆̚͏̡͚̞̼̖̲̭͈̮̱͠l̨̻̪̘̲͍̫̦̦͇͓͚͉̙̱̘̱̗̲̾͗͊̍̈́̄̍͋̚͠ͅi͓͓͖͖͍̗̟͙̙̪͕͉͚̲̜̳̺̖̰̎͒ͫ̉ͦ͞c̘̲̟̲̻̤̗̞͉͖͒̇̆ͥ́̐ͥͨ̚͡͞ā̷̛̮͇͚̫͈̬̹͉͎̩̬̖ͪ̓̐̍͌̈̄̌ ̧̛̺͉̮̤̱͊͌͋͛̾̓͜sͧ̿̀̏̈̅ͧ̿̆҉̴̛͈͎̺̣̲͕͠ͅúͣͯ̂͗͒̆ͯ͆͒ͨ̈̒̃̇̚҉̹̣̘̘͇̝̝͔͓̳̲͙̞̮̱̖͓̦͞ͅp̶̩̘̮͋̿͒ͬ̿̑͟r̵̲͉͔̝̲̅̌̌̌̌͒͊̾̇ͪ̚͜ͅa̴̡̗͓̤̼͖͉͚̎̏ͯͧ̍͂̈̔̔̓̀̅̈̑̐͡s̵̯͕̥͎̱̣̟͙̭͉̤̩̯̱̻̺̥̘̅ͣ͑͒̔͛ͮ̚̕͢ ̣͈̳͗̈̎͐̑̉̌ͥ̔̽́a̡̨̙͇̮̾̽͂̅̏͒̕r̔̏̊͂͂͐̏͐̓̓̐̈́͐҉̷̢̟͕̦͕̻͎̲̜̰e͎̳͉͈̖̣͈̙̤̙ͩ͂̊̌͑̆̎̓̓̃̍ͩ̓̔̕͟͠͝ ̵̙̺̯̰͕̭̳͙̯̲̗ͨͮͥͮ͊͟ͅf̨ͨͫͬ̔̏ͭ̏ͪ͋́̅̎̏͛́҉͏̜͈̩̱͈̯̹̞ͅų̧̛̼͚͇̭ͭ̍ͨ̒̽ͨͫͮ͊ͧ͛ͤ̆͛̈́ͧͬ́͡ç̱͈̰̳̦̦͇͔̻̻̔ͣ̀̔̔̌ͤ̀͝ͅk͐̏̄̊ͧͫͫ̃͂͑̊ͭ̒̿̃̚̚̚҉̫̹̻̜̲͓͍̤͉̠̮̬̣̜̫͕͝ͅͅi̍̾̓̅̔̀̐͏̧̨̡̪̖̗̝͉̳̲̹̥̼̦̼̭͉̲̭̙͜n̴̵͖̮̳͓̫̪͕̝͖̠̖̏ͭ͐͐̽̂̆ͭ̓͂̿̓́̽͟ͅ ̶̢̫̥̯̲ͪ͒̊͐̒ͯ͘͢c̛̭͎͓̗̦̩̠̮̣͊ͥ̅̽̈́͛̔̓͆ǫ̣͇̱̟̮͔̺̠̑̿̓͛̌̓ͩ͛ͬ̚͟oͣ͗͊͌͜͞͡͏̤͕̗̫͍̬̜͉̤̰̩͉̠̣̮̞̞̙l̶̢͔̤̱̗͙̙̩̫̳͇̤̱̪̲ͣ̀̽ͤ̒̓̎̌ͧͭ͛̓̈̍͗̾̕ ̠͖̪̯͖̘ͥ̑͒ͤͬͦ̆̃͘a̶̡̳̭̲̰̔̀ͥ̾̉̓ͤͯ̂͆ͤ͑̍ͯͥ̎͛͞s̸͈̖͖̻͈̬͖̗͉̆͆͛̄̂̀̒̿͌̅͘͞ ̴̧̦̞̭̙̞̭͇̝ͭ̔͋̉ͫ̆̒ͬͨ̆͐̌̌̾͌͛ͯͭ̀͡f̷̡̲̝̭̥͙̣ͯ͗̆̊ͥͭ̓ͯͩ͋̌ͭ͂ͦ́u̡ͮ͒͌̿ͩ̌͑͐͋̄̚͘҉̜̣̥̬̹̜̺͇̪̻͢͜ͅc̶̛͚̫̞͇̪̼͙̹ͭ̐ͦ͛ͤ͂̍̐͠k̡͐̓͛̽͐̋ͨͪ̎̈́͛̓͐͏̧̮̫̗̼̰̥̥̗͇̭̠͇̻̦ ̶ͪ̉̆ͤ̔͐̈̉ͬ̅͂̓͌͏̥̠̥͇̙̘̩̼̝͓̼͚͇͍̞͝h̶̻̟̝̗͇͓̱͇̜̫͊͑ͫ̑ͥ̊͐̉ͫỏ̷̴̧̡̖͙͙̦͙̲͚̪̆ͬ̃̑ͤͣͧͧ͛l̾ͧͧ͒͢͝҉̢̝̙̗̱̬̪̲̱̠̖̮̝̖̩̺y̵̴͓̹̯ͩ̀ͯ̊͆͆͑͌ͬ̐͟͠ ̴͓̩͇̰̬̜̼͍͈̙̂͂͆ͦͩ́͂ͦ̂̊ͭͭ̐̾ͬ̏̒̈ͨ͠s̛̥̞̥̟͉̪͓͈͔̖̮̟̹̯̞̠ͧ͑̾͘ḥ̵͎͈͚̯̤̲̯͉̠̠͇͓̺̝̠̼̈̐ͪ̍̀͐ͨͮ̓ͣ̔̂͝ͅͅi̮̻̻͉̥̬̘̮̼̼͓̮̥̣̱̯͙̮̙̊̓̔̇͐ͫͨ̈́̈́͗ͭ̍̈͐̓ͭ͂́͢t̵̢͉̞͕̲ͦ̂͗͘͠,̷̨͉̭̥̲̞̪̖͚̜̱̳̭͈̮̠ͪ̇͛͑̆̅̀̽ͫ̏̿̓̓̔͆ͅ ̛̘̭͍̙̪͙͈͙̎̂ͤͯ͋ͪ͌ͦ̾̊͢͞͞ͅ2̴͕͓̞͈͈̱̺̟͖̞̪͚̳̗͉̝͚͕̀̑ͧ͟͡ͅ.̛͖͈̦̗̜̥̣̮̮̦̤̖̿̃̍̐̎͊ͮ̾ͨ̊͆͌̂̀̂͑̀̚̚8͔͙͈̺̯̲̦̩̰͖̬͍̯̜̹͉̀ͭ̿̽ͭͭ̅̏͆͡ͅͅl̶̴̴̡̪͉̹͕̹̻͕̘̗͙̜̰̓̓͗ͮ̓̐̎ͪͦͣ̾ ̴̵̬̲̻̩̲͖͙̜̥̮͎̩̞̣͔͙̜̪͑ͥͮ̀ͦ̋͌̒̽̀6̷̨̆̍̑̽͑ͭͥ̀̽ͥͭ͒̒̾̐̑ͧ҉̺͉̹̪ ̨̜͎̝͖͖͇͔̻̦̱̲͍̼̓ͩͬ̎̆̈́̔̋̉ͪͦͭ́̈ͮ̓̚̕c̓ͫͯ̅̅ͮ̀͐̈̑͛̄́̚̚͝҉̠̤̟̳̞̭̬y̯̫̬̥̜̜̥͙̮̮͈͎̝̪̝̺ͧͮ̃̈̋̇͗͋ͥ̓̏͠l̷̞̦̜͓̙͙̮̏ͬ͐͒̈̇ͦ̂͌̅̒͑̽̇̈́̉ͤ̀ ̼̞̻͙̠̖͊͊ͩ̌̐̌͑̿͘͢t̢̼̻̜̤̰̪̩̤͙̞̺̥͕͖̫̬̱̓͌ͫͮ͐̇͒̎ͤ͜͞ͅͅw̸̶̯̮̮͈̯̳̟͙̥̪̺͍̣͙̙̪ͫ̐̐ͯ̈́ͩͧ̇̌͆ͅͅi̷̢̛͕̯͚͚̪̫̳ͥͬ̿́̃̌ͯͬ̑͗̐͆͑̕͝n̷̡̛̛͚̣͓̄̌͗ͩ̏͑͋̾̔̇͊͗ͭ̎͒́ ͐ͫ͊ͨ̇͡͏̤͍͈͍͇̼̭̞̹̥̹c͚̣̣̥̘̾̅̃̉̀͘͢͢͞ä̶͈̝̝̺̤̯̻͖̺̑̇̐̑̉̾́̋ͮͪ́̑̌̀͞͡m̂ͯ̃͛͂̀̿̾̍ͤͯ̔͊̀ͬ̉̃҉̧̢̞̠̩̯̤̜̮͎̟̮̰͙̼̯̝͓̹̤ ̴̵̺͚̜̗͖̹̝̖̝̎̓ͫ̈̎͑ͫ̎ͯ̐ͦ̊̀͛e̷̢̗͍̞̖̺͔̹ͥͨͭ̓̓̀͋̓ͧ͛̓̄͂ͧ͛f̵̷̨̼̫͉̭̯͓͎̥̣̺̭̗̞̠͔̺̻͎͒̄͂͂̍̀͘î̶̧̺̥͓͉͙̖̪͙̩̙̯͈̮̝̺͉̈ͪ͂̇̍ͤ̒̂ͬ̆̃̈́́͘ ̷̼̯̯̻͓͔̥̗̫̬̦̲̘̲͍͙͔͂̆͊̄͒̎ͩ̓̉́̍̽͡͞ą̧͍̘̘̜̖̬̲̮͈̳̞̹͈̻̉̉̾ͯͯ͒ͮ͗̉̽͛̂́̕n̴̴̸̳̫͉͙̗͍̖̱͓̗̭͉͓̭̝̲̤͈̂̽͑ͫ̿̈́̓̊̒̅́̊ͯ̊͞ͅd̴̤͇̟̘̪̝̙̤̥̲̭̪̭̐̀͂̀̈̃̾̐́̈́ͯ͑ͭ̀̽̆̚̚͝ ̵̪͓̭̬̹͓̯̣̌ͯ̆ͨ͑̊̐̃͆̇ͪ̊͒̿̓̕iͭ͂̒͌̉̏͌̏̃̒ͮͪ͒̈́̅ͫ͏̧̜͔̬͈͉̞͖͚͎̩̮̦̯̣̱̮ñ̷̡͔͍̭̤̙͙̘͇͓̞̺̦̼̺̬̖͔̦̮ͦͧ͑̓ͦͧ̏̉̾͋̂̽̅̿̚͝͞ǧ͂͛ͫͦ͛̚͏͏͏̱̥̖̣i̶̧̹̼̗̺͖͇̪̦̜̟̘͉̱̥̳̼̖̖ͭ̿̾ͣ̏͋̍̒͌ͫ̓̆̀̕͢ņ͚̥̳͈̝͙̖̉̍ͧͬ͊͐̐̋̇͐͜͝ͅt̶̛̳͕̭͖̝͙͔̱̥ͥ͌̃̊̒͒̋̈́͑ͪ͋̌ͨ͋ͯͤͅi̺̪̻̖̜͎̰̞̙̦ͦ̇̑́̕͡ǫ̷̡̟͍̙̭̘̦̙̫̫̲̮̱̜̻͕̩̖͍̬̀ͬ̽ͫ͛͌́̉̚͝n̩̞̭̦̜͇̖̱̪̻ͭ̏͐̅ͣͩ̋͑́̕͟ ̮̗͓͍͚̞̱̤͖͖̩̠̈̅͋̈́̉ͣ̀͢͞i̸̧̬̝̙͈͙͖̗̰͎̬̲͙̩̞̬̪̱͇̱̋̉̐̍ͧ́͒n͂̋̌ͪ̈̉̏̚̕͢͞҉̴̖̱̫͔̱̯ͅͅd̨̡̤̩̖̞̠̼̫̩͙̞͔̜̞̬̬͕̳̖̘ͨ̎̓͊́̄̚͘͠e̓͐ͯͣ͒͆ͦͪ̉҉̵̡̳̲̘͙p̿͛ͭ͒̄̈́̐͌ͯ̈҉҉̬̣̩̠̭͎̳̮̹͎e̷̛̫͕̞̥̞̤̺̳̖̥̻̮̋̌̎ͯ̂̍̚n̛̏ͧ͛̑́̿ͤ̔̂̓ͧ̈́͐̈́̃͟͏̸̖̠̘̲͓̝̝̗d̷͖̱̪̹̳̝̠̙͚̯͖̹̤̖͖ͨ̀̇ͤ͂̎̽ͭ͑ͦ͡a̸ͤ̌̊̐ͭ̓͋ͮͣͦ̋̏ͫ̐̆͌̑̿̿҉̡̛̬͉͚̬̩̼̺̰͙̼̯͕̺̹͢n̜̪̬͕̜̝̹̜͈̞̮̻̤͔ͭ̅ͫ̒̑ͨ͋ͬ̐ͦ͒͂ͯ́̿ͥ͘͜͡t̨̻͎͕̬͈̺͔͈̟̞̹͍̿͛̃ͦ̓̋̍̎ͭͤ͋̚̕͟͞͝ ̵̢̛̲͈̥̜ͧͦ͐̆̃̃̓͌ͧ͆ͦ͛͛̈̆͘s̸̡̡͉͇̲̙ͣͮ̓ͤͫ͌ͮ́͘ǔ̢̃ͮ̑҉͉͈̬̲̦̻͕̟̫̼̪̮̗̬̭͟͢ͅş̷̢̠̭͙̭͉̞͕͙̿ͣ͒̐ͨ̿̀ͦͦ̔̇̆ͬ͌̾ͣ͛͢͝p̶̴̪̳̟͕̪͙̠̠̬̯̦̖͓̳̖͙ͧ̆͂̀̈́̊͗̅͋ͯͤ̐ͨ͑̅ͮ͗̏̚ͅe̸͍͙̠͔̬̦͓̩̦̤̪̪̅̾͒ͤ̔̂̾͋͑̈́̂̋̾͢͜s̵̖͍̱̲̣͍̠̗̟̽̋̓̂̓ͧͤ̈́̈́̆͛̚̚n̶̴̨̢̳̫̣̤̘̤̲͇ͥ̉ͬ̂̉ͪ͐̈̐ͨ͛͊̒̌̚i̷̶͊͐̌̃̌ͩͮͣ̿̌͊̉̒̅̈͏̰̬͍͉̰̼͓̱ớ̡̼̪̭̠̠̖̖͕͚̮̐ͨͭ̃ͭ͑̏̍̓͒̐n̵̡̤͇͇̪̝̖͈̞͉̩̜̖̖͉̱̠͙͎̅ͧ̍͆̔ͬ͝͝s̴̷̡̑̆̔͌͌ͩͥ̌ͨ͋̄ͭ̿ͪ͑͐ͣͪ҉̷̼̻̗̯̭̗̞̖こ͙̹̝̭͇͙̘̠͉̼̬̳ͧ͆ͧ̍̈́̾͐̏ͨ̀͘͢ͅれ̡̧̰̲̖̥̼̱͈̭͓͊ͥ͛͗̅̿ͥͣͭ̐͐ͬͫͥͪ͘͝ͅͅは̴̸̺͓̭̝̃ͤ̾ͭ͑ͦͯ̄̓̉́ͬ̈́͋ͬ̄͛͘͡永̶̜̳̠̱̳͇̱̏ͤ̀̍̋ͮ͊͘͠遠̷̛̗͓̠̰̝̤̔̏̋̑̈́ͥ͐̂̿̌̍に̷̴̻̼͍͈̠̠͚̹͎͖̏͗̽ͣ͛͆̇̇ͧ͞歴̈́̈ͥͪͫ̃͗ͯͦͨ̂̆̿̏̀҉̴̲̯͍͉̩̝͕͕̙̬̪̯͔͍̟̱̕史̧͙̦̳̟̜̱̲̯̊̐̂ͭ͌͊͒̾ͤͯ͑͑ͯͮ̊̀̈́́̚͞を̷̨̦̣̤̫̩͙̰̥̼̥̟̩͓͚̺̩̳̺͆ͧͫͫ͒̓̐̔̿̓ͭͪ̑̃ͬ̑́́ͅ変̵̜͚͙̟͍̺̳̼͓̟͍̯̤͌̋̍̇̊ͪ̄̓̌ͣ̊͐͊̕͟͞え̴̡̞̫̜̯͔͕͔̲̻̲̦̝̲̯͑ͯ͗͑ͦ̍̾͠ͅͅる̶̦͕̳͈̟̻̫̯̹̱̥͚͍͎͑̆ͯͧ̈́̍ͯ͒̐͡で̴̢̍̑ͩ̇̈́̍ͦ͐̈̋̆̾̽́͡҉̞͎͓̥し̵͌͛́̉̈́͐̌͂̓ͩ̏͆̂͛͠҉̝̹̰͓͖ょ̨̱̤̻̝̼̹͕͈͎͙̖͙̎̽̈́̇ͧͨͮ̾̌̂͊͌͞ͅうͭ̆ͣ̐ͣ̋̈́҉̼̬͔̳̭͓̩͍̘̖̭̜͉ ̷̠̣̼͈̝̖̞̥͈͉̖̼̤̤͌͗͐̔̃̍ͯ̒̾̎ͫ͠ͅ これは永遠に歴史を変えるでしょう こ͙̹̝̭͇͙̘̠͉̼̬̳ͧ͆ͧ̍̈́̾͐̏ͨ̀͘͢ͅれ̡̧̰̲̖̥̼̱͈̭͓͊ͥ͛͗̅̿ͥͣͭ̐͐ͬͫͥͪ͘͝ͅͅは̴̸̺͓̭̝̃ͤ̾ͭ͑ͦͯ̄̓̉́ͬ̈́͋ͬ̄͛͘͡永̶̜̳̠̱̳͇̱̏ͤ̀̍̋ͮ͊͘͠遠̷̛̗͓̠̰̝̤̔̏̋̑̈́ͥ͐̂̿̌̍に̷̴̻̼͍͈̠̠͚̹͎͖̏͗̽ͣ͛͆̇̇ͧ͞歴̈́̈ͥͪͫ̃͗ͯͦͨ̂̆̿̏̀҉̴̲̯͍͉̩̝͕͕̙̬̪̯͔͍̟̱̕史̧͙̦̳̟̜̱̲̯̊̐̂ͭ͌͊͒̾ͤͯ͑͑ͯͮ̊̀̈́́̚͞を̷̨̦̣̤̫̩͙̰̥̼̥̟̩͓͚̺̩̳̺͆ͧͫͫ͒̓̐̔̿̓ͭͪ̑̃ͬ̑́́ͅ変̵̜͚͙̟͍̺̳̼͓̟͍̯̤͌̋̍̇̊ͪ̄̓̌ͣ̊͐͊̕͟͞え̴̡̞̫̜̯͔͕͔̲̻̲̦̝̲̯͑ͯ͗͑ͦ̍̾͠ͅͅる̶̦͕̳͈̟̻̫̯̹̱̥͚͍͎͑̆ͯͧ̈́̍ͯ͒̐͡で̴̢̍̑ͩ̇̈́̍ͦ͐̈̋̆̾̽́͡҉̞͎͓̥し̵͌͛́̉̈́͐̌͂̓ͩ̏͆̂͛͠҉̝̹̰͓͖ょ̨̱̤̻̝̼̹͕͈͎͙̖͙̎̽̈́̇ͧͨͮ̾̌̂͊͌͞ͅうͭ̆ͣ̐ͣ̋̈́҉̼̬͔̳̭͓̩͍̘̖̭̜͉ ̷̠̣̼͈̝̖̞̥͈͉̖̼̤̤͌͗͐̔̃̍ͯ̒̾̎ͫ͠ͅ ṇ͈̳̟̥̀ͣͯ͒͢͜͡ǒ́͆̇̏͊̓ͯ̊͛͠͠͏̨̞̙̘͙̼̮ ̸͐́̀̊͏͈͍̖̰̦̪̠͡g̵̨̟̙̣̬̬̖̟̠̬̦͎̦̳̮̍ͯͦ͋̆ͧ̈̈̌̈́ͬ̐͋ͬ͑̽͠o̸̴̞̼̙̲̙͙̤̹ͫ̎̈́͒̆̋ͯ͒́ͅͅi̛̛͙̺̻̱͉̖̘̮̦̲̻̦̮͎͈̜̞ͩ̓̍̇͗ͥͬ̚̕͡ͅn̸̅ͫ̏ͫ̀͝͏̗̺̖̥͎ḡ̸̴̢̛̱̞̻̦̱̹̤̿̌͒̅̅̎ͫ̓̎̌̉̑̑̄̒̍̚ ̶̨̞̩͕̭̤͚̼̒͑̈́̏ͣ̈̎ͣb̨͖̼̫̗̪̥͙͎̣̲͍͈͙̯̯̠͈͓͛̑ͮ̑̆̐͛̄̐ͯ̓̄̏͐̍͢ͅa̶̧̛̔̆̍ͮͥ̿̍̀̚̚҉̣̘̱̱̺̰̝̦̠̹̗̟̱̙̻ĉ̸̷ͧ͂ͣ̈́̊̑͏̨͍͚͕̤̦͖k̨̢̞̖͍̼̬̭̤̤͉̺̥̗̣͍̦̮̳̀ͪ̆ͦͮ͐ͭ͗͑̓͛ͧ̄̈́̀̌͢͟͝ ̷̠̣̼͈̝̖̞̥͈͉̖̼̤̤͌͗͐̔̃̍ͯ̒̾̎ͫ͠ͅ ̢̩̗͔͎͎̝͝

Shadows and Flames (arc 6)Edit

With a slight headache Motorknight accompanies the crusaders on a trip to the resting place of the most powerful warriors hes never heard of; Ysgard. Arriving at the gates the team is luckily able to gain access after having claimed they knew Gowther personally and begin wandering its vast fields and arenas. After talking to an odd couple they eventually headed toward an arena where Gowther was supposedly competing in. Upon learning that death isn't permanent in Ysgard he is delighted to hear they would need to defeat other warrior in the ring in order to get Gowther back. Upon being told that mortals die all the same in Ysgard he still is eager in fighting in the ring. MotorKnight unfortunately does not get to fight as the drink he ordered kicks in like weed brownies and he passes the fuck out.

Waking up back in the keep MotorKnight is disappointed that they weren't able to get Gowther back, and that he was unconscious for most of the time in Ysgard, except they do so its all good. I think they are summoned to meet some sketchy guy who tries to persuade them to kill the feywild, but the boys hold off since Folvaror, Folkvarord?, Folkvord?... Folk is chilling with them at the moment. the sketchy guy goes "alright fine, just take them you pussies" and most of the crusaders accept. this results in Daniel giving everyone an earful which persuaded no one. MK receives probably the coolest goddamn crossbow ever. Once Gowther returns from wherever and has new armour they return to their quest.

The crew decides to do some stuff and go after the one witch they didn't kill. They end up outside the witches tower and they do a big fight. MK almost gets thrown off a cliff into a lake of lava while Doofus beats the fuck outta a big demon saving everyone. They realize that to close the portal, they must scale the tower and fight the witch. Doofus narutos his way up the tower and confronts the witch while the rest of the crusaders take the stairs instead, execpt for MK who tried to do as Doofus did to no avail. They team kill the witch and she dies. But then a portal opens up and Daniel goes apeshit and jumps in, and everyone's like "GODDAMNIT" and go after him.

The team is split up and enters The Shadowfell. MK exits the portal and slides down a cliff side, ripping his bag of holding, alongside his good buddy Apollo. Both of them drop all their shit and have to pick it up. While doing this they notice a guy who's with some other dudes in armour. MK and Apollo turn to each other and go "dude, is that Alucard?" in a confused manner, they then approach him thinking it's their old pal Alucard who was down where they are, probably. They confront him and it turns out its not Alucard but some other vampire instead. This mysterious vampire man says the queen of these lands has been waiting for them and that He and Apollo should go to her palace. Having nothing better to do they agree and make their way to the palace, assuming if they've been told to head there so would the others. They arrive at the palace and meet the others, whom seem slightly less equipped then them, *cough* Rodney *Cough**cough*. they go into the palace and are greeted by (daniel's new deity or whoever) and are now told that each of the crusaders are being tried for past actions, as a test of character. In a court room filled with duplicates of himself MotoKnight was tried, to his own disappointment, Mr.N appears and weighs in as his lawyer. Court commences and Trevor is forced to relive his past failures as well as more recent ones. Most importantly however was the cursed video being played back in front of him causing him to begin acting strange. The trial revealed many things from MotorKnight's past, things he had intentionally been secretive about that not even N knew about him. On top of everything else his helmet was removed and real name revealed, finally showing his face to his comrades. Being completely exposed MotorKnight was released victorious from his case. He left with temporary stuttering, his mind racing after the ordeal and a new opinion of one of his teammates.

After all the crusaders had been tried the were greeted by [lady again, forgot her name]. Based on what she saw during their trials they were offered her aid and weaponry tailor-made to each adventurer. MotorKnight's gift was the ability to no longer die at the expense of his own mind and a legendary blade known as the "Macia Ungwe". MotorKnight accepted the sword but declined the offer of immortality, exclaiming how he believed life has no purpose without death. The group retreats from the palace and Rodney pulls a door out of his ass that leads to his magic mansion, where they all chill out after that shit show. MK decides to first blow off some steam and test out his new sword and heads to the training room, Doofus accompanies him and the two have a pleasant chat while training. the next morning Rodney's ghost servants make breakfast. It is at this point a number of things begin happening; firstly Apollo starts off by announcing his long standing marriage to the crusaders HR lady; Jane Salem, Daniel gets extremely emotional and questions the legitimacy of their quest, and the Team once and for all pledged allegiance to each other. All in all, pretty heavy weekend so far. There is no rest for the wicked however and the Crusaders are back at it again aiding the local Shadar kai overthrow a vampire noble.

Relationships Edit

  • [Dr. Alphonse]

Alphonse was hired by the Crusaders to work in their newly built keep. Originally Alphonse was going to reside in the keeps basement doing various experiments for his own research but has recently joined the party in their adventures. MotorKnight is convinced in Alphonse's ability as a wizard and feels he can be trusted. He is even more so impressed with his ability to place Gowthers soul into a golem. coming from a time where science had replaced magic, MotorKnight cant even begin to comprehend how one might do that. Quite impressive none the less.

In Motor Knight's time, a pirate was somebody who would illegally download software, music, games, etc. The kind of pirate that Apollo represented was only seen in the movies. This leads Motor Knight to believe Apollo's persona is rather silly, especially all the yelling, still a pirates life seems exiting enough. The two have bonded over their mutual love of alcohol and adventure and seem to get along well, until recently however. As social tensions grew in and around Harnania during the demonic invasion MotorKnight's opinion of Apollo began swinging. Only now does has he come to the realization that Apollo is not his friend.

Daniel poses the biggest clash of ideals out of the other crusaders to that of Motor Knight's. While Motor Knight's morals are more or less guidelines, Daniel's beliefs are set in stone. Because of this MK views Daniel as an uptight "goody-goody" type and outright avoids him when dealing with questionable activities. Motor Knight considers Daniel his opposite in many cases, be it in terms of philosophy, appearance, or ability. He considers he and Daniel close friends and respects Daniels decisions and motivations as the two are generally on the same page. Recently MK and Daniel have become closer when Daniel asked MotorKnight about his past. After story time had finished MotorKnight told Daniel his Philosophy on life and hopefully helped convince the Paladin that nothing is ever black and white. MotorKnight knows how much the group, in addition to himself mean to the half-elf. The two now have a very strong trust between one another, and are now fully and completely bros.

  • [Devola]

MotorKnight and Devila just met, and given that MotorKnight had smashed through her door when they first encountered each other he assumes she probably isn't overly fond of him. Although the two have been getting along well, MotorKnight isn't completely sold on Devola just yet. Sure she can whip up potions or poisons to rival the best of them but she seems a bit off, probably because she has multiple personality disorder. Still she seems fun enough, lets see how this pans out.

Both hailing from ancient times, Doug and Motor Knight go way back, as it turns out he and Motor Knight may be indirectly involved in past events. Despite that the two are great friends and often crack jokes and reference things from their time, leaving the rest of the party confused as to what the humans are laughing about. The two often enjoy inebriation and getting into mischief, as well as pissing each other off for laughs. He thinks Doug and Kayne are adorable together.

Doofus and Motor Knight first meet during the party's stint at Mount Myres. The Dwarf had unfortunately attained a reputation for missing most of his attacks, luckily one of his blunders turned out to be a perfect distraction for Motor Knight and Jook to infiltrate a hobgoblin captian's quarters. To this day Motor Knight is still utterly amazed at the sheer amount of power Doofus possesses. Annihilating a Spectator in a fashion similar to a well known anime hero is no small feat and demands respect from nearly anyone. After some chit chat between the two MK realizes he and the Dwarf have more in common than he thought. He considers Doofus a good friend and trusted ally.

  • [Folkvarðr]

Turns out that werewolf they tracked down in the forest wasn't so bad after all, and also isn't a werewolf either. Having been exposed to the likes of Aliens, Demons, Abominations, etc, MotorKnight isn't overly concerned with a wolf-man running around with them. What he is concerned about his the sheer size of the guy, He makes Gowther look like a dwarf when standing side by side. For now MotorKnight thinks Folkvarðr will be a valuable asset to the crusaders, what with the whole demon war going on and whatnot.

  • [Gowther]

During their brief time as teammates Motor Knight and Gowther have proven to be able to work together extremely well, Despite nearly opposite fighting styles. The two enjoy such debauchery as; Drinking, Fighting, Adventure and jumping out of windows at weddings. Mk will always have the utmost respect for the teifling, seeing as both are in the "I've been killed twice" club. Despite blacking out while in yesguard and missing what he could only assume was mighty battle, MotorKnight is glad to have Gowther back in the lineup. Motor Knight once considered the undead teifling "metal as fuck", he now thinks of his as more "Granite as fuck" and agrees that more demon slaying would be nice.

  • Jenny Doe

Although he always knew there was something different about Jenny, Motorknight never seemed to care. He always enjoyed time with her and he believed they would have been happy together for as long as he could imagine. He regrets three of his actions when she confronted the party. The first was not trying to convince her to join the crusaders when she offered him a place among her ranks. The second was not bringing her along during his adventures, granted he had no idea of her strength and only wanted to keep her safe. The third was not finishing her off himself. MotorKnight knows whats done is done, that doesn't stop him from feeling like he should avenger her somehow, or at least figure out what her amulet does.

MK's trusty partner in crime, for a while they were the only two stealthy enough to do such daring things as robbing banks. Many a planned heist was discussed between the two, some more ambitious than others, some more likely to be pulled off than others, most of which mere suggestions or simple banter between the two. While its no secret that the thief frequently abandons the crusaders MotorKnight is slightly aggravated by her recent absence in such trying times. He's glad she's returned briefly.

A conflict of interest arises when MotorKnight thinks of Mr.N, Though he knows of his master plan to once again end the universe and his own cruel entanglement in his plot, He doesn't outright feel like N is an immediate threat but at the same time doesn't trust him either. Sure he may have resurrected him from eternity in the void, but only to be used as his personal weapon. MotorKnight believes N is only around to torment him at his lowest moments. In light of recent events however it seems the entity has taken some pity on his pawn, perhaps N might be of some aid, only time will tell.

  • Princess Vento Neila

When first hearing of Rodney's marriage, MotorKnight expected him to have married some bimbo. He was pleasantly surprised to be proven wrong. While they don't know each other that well MotorKnight has taken a liking to Neila. As she has recently become queen though, he doubts he'll be seeing much of her in the future.

Rodney is one of Motor Knight's closest friends as the two have been adventuring together since the early days of the crusaders. Similar to that of Doug, Motor Knight and Rodney also enjoy gettin' krunk, as well as share an appreciation for music. Although he enjoys the same vices as Rodney, MK is rather off put by the sheer volume of which Rodney has taken part in, especially when it interfered with His own romantic endeavors. He confronted the dragonborn and after a few well placed questions Rodney dipped out. The two have since put aside their differences. MotorKnight has a newfound respect for the Bard as he has since committed himself to one woman and is glad to see it is working out for the newlyweds.

TV Wizard and MotorKnight never really got along, barely interacting within the first act. Despite this MK enjoyed his company as it reminded him of a simpler time. Upon defeating TV wizard MotorKnight and Daniel created a shrine out of his remains and held a small memorial in his honor.

Character Information Edit

Weaponry (with descriptions)Edit

  • Laser Sword

A long sword that features a curved blade composed of pure energy, given to MotorKnight by an Alien being.

  • Silver Katana

A razor sharp single edged sword, a relic found in an ancient cave, upgraded by Jenny Jones.

  • Single edged sword

A lightweight katana-esq blade featuring a minimal guard and a grip made of string simply wound around the tang.

  • Machete

A single edged blade MotorKnight had custom made, featuring a gut hook and integrated saw blade on the opposite side of the blade.

  • Energy Rifle

A high powered rifle that fires a three round salvo of pure energy, given to MotorKnight by the same alien being as the laser sword.

  • Brass Knuckle dusters

Specially made by jenny, he plans on using these as a base for building a pair of steel claws. for now he gets to punch shit real good.

  • Demolition Explosives

Several round explosive devices armed by lighting a fuse. Apparently these were for everyone but MotorKnight mostly keeps them to himself.

  • Wyvern X-bow

5-shot automatic crossbow which deals necrotic damage, or fire damage if using its alternative firing mode.

  • Macia Ungwe

An ancient blade with the power to deal psychic damage, a gift from The Raven Queen.

Equipment Edit

  • Racing helmet
  • leather/steel enchanted armour
  • The Champions belt
  • Cons
  • Assorted healing potions
  • Hip flask

Treasure Edit

  • Regeneration ring
  • Charisma stone
  • Pink psychic suit
  • Stolen eye patch
  • Sheild-emitting stone
  • Illusion deck
  • Space meth
  • mp3 player
  • hentai sheild
  • Amulet

Former items Edit

  • Glaive

Taken from a hobgoblin captian after killing it. returned to Taire.

  • Hobgoblin Captian head

Taken from a hobgoblin captian after killing it. returned to Taire.

  • Long sword

MotorKnight's starting weapon, a regular old long sword ditched after using it during a heist.

  • Cloak

Also ditched after using it for a heist.

  • Daggers

Regular old daggers, these remained in the abdomen of a few of Taire's friends after being abruptly placed in them.

  • Heavy crossbow

He found a friggin' laser gun, also Doug, what would he need this for?

  • Dragon Scales

Used as a down-payment when MotorKnight had his Katana improved at (that one blacksmith's).

  • Holy hand grenade

Also used as a down-payment at (that one blacksmith's).

  • Blow-dart tube

MotorKnight legitimately lost this item. it's straight up gone.

  • Misere's notebook

Given to Daniel after reading it.

  • Magic Quartestaff

Realized it was worthless and sold it for 5gp at a flee market.

  • Tome of clear thought

Having studied the book, this item now resides on a bookshelf in the keep.

  • Broom

MotorKnight had to pose as janitor during a robbery as not to blow cover, he ended up keeping the broom although it later ended up impaling someone during the "spaghetti" side quest campaign.

  • Old Cape

Lost and or stolen from the ye-olde dry cleaners.

  • Magloob Statue

Thrown at some guy.

  • Light crossbow

ditched, never used it anyhow

  • Frag Grenade

Used on a witch, blew her up real good.


Through years of combat experience, MotorKnight has acquired many skills making him a precice and deadly opponent in and out of battle.

  • Extremely agile
  • Strong and Athletic
  • Intimidating presence
  • Stealthy
  • True strike (Champions belt)
  • Able to crit from 18 upward (Champions belt)
  • Blademaster stances, Combos, and Maneuvers
  • Great weapon fighting
  • Claw footed (Path of iron)
  • heavy strike (Path of iron)
  • "Death God" (shinigami)
  • Soul blade
  • Land vehicle Proficiency
  • Cannot be stunned or Frightened
  • Proficient in constitution/Dexterity saves

Trivia and "interesting" facts Edit

  • MotorKnight started out simply as a regular fighter at the beginning of the campaigns, however during the two year gap he became a Blademaster after remembering some of his past abilities.
  • MotorKnight is a decent guitarist.
  • He was once known as , but that was a long, long time ago..
  • is left handed.
  • The tattoo on his arm is a carefully designed pattern consisting of rectangles, each one representing someone, or something he's killed.
  • At the beginning of the 1st act he left his "donkey" (a battle scarred dirt bike disguised as a mule) at the tavern he was kicked out of. He only recently re-acquired it as it now sits in his room in the keep under a tarp.
  • He still keeps his old mp3 player, filled with music of times past. apart from his helmet he considers this his dearest possession.
  • Has nearly died on several occasions. Specifically after the hecatonchires nearly finished him, he became known as 'The deathless one" due to his inability to parish.
  • It is rumored that MotorKnight once traveled with another group, they split up shortly however
  • Alternate theme is:
  • He was unintentionally designed to look like an omega force soldier.