There are many characters who are neutral towards the characters, whether because they are good but see no need in aiding, or simply don't want to get involved (yet), these are characters of enough importance to have pages written on them.

Crusaders of the Truth Edit

Genesis Valentine Edit

The great hero and legend of Deluna, mythical for saving the world from an evil Deva.

Madame Xantame Edit

The leader of Whitesea and its shipping company of the same name, she is at ends about the party (in particular one dragonborn pirate...)

Spike Spiegel Edit

A bounty hunter, at one time a foe and another an ally, Spike has fallen, either way, depending on who pays the highest.

Philonious Renzar Edit

The Professor of Abjuration at the College of Winterhold that replaced Dr. Alfonse. Aided in the production of an anti-magic bomb to repel the demon invasion.

Tusk the Mighty Edit

The head of the weapon manufacturer Ivory Steel. He donated hundreds of weapons in preparation of the upcoming demon invasion.

Cerea Usensei Edit

Chief of a tribe of centaur warriors known for her birthmark overtop her right eye, her tribe is known from coast to coast and were even more known when they aided in the defense against the demons.

Queenie Edit

Not much is know about the true identity of this Underdark Kingpin, the only thing known well is the silence that grows when the name is spoken aloud.

Storm Kings Thunder Edit

Titanos Edit

Valkonia Edit

Concordat Edit