This page is dedicated to all the organizations found in the campaigns

Sicarus- an organization dedicated to providing the best mercenaries and assassins to the highest bidder.

White Sea Trading Company- a trading company operating out of White Sea, was previously headed by Madame Xantam.

N.Tilf & Co. - A trading company that rose up roughly two years before the fall of White Sea, it has seemed to have taken over for White Sea seamlessly.

Cinere- The dark powers that lord over the evils of Deluna, and wish for world domination.


The Circle of Nosferatu- The vampire lords of the Shadowfell, who are the most powerful allies of Cinere.

Red Sun- A village of radical druids who believe the world must be reset through a violent god's rebirth.

Far-Haam's Monsters Inc TM- A family (of one) owned humble business of monsters and undead for thos with the magic or money to afford it. Cinere gets a 60% discount for they've been his customer for thousands of years now.

Pirate's Paradise- An organization of the same name as the island, this is the truce of pirates who work under the common goal of pirating, and by working with the organization are not fair game for bigger pirate ships.

Arma Incorporated- On the small continent of Arma, the first manufacturers of mass produced muskets and flintlock pistols, they are now producing the newest technology such as revolvers and bolt action snipers.

Order of Belmont-Van Hellsing- The order established long ago by Trevor Belmont and Dr. Abraham Van Hellsing, mostly destroyed by the Circle of Nosferatu.

Lux Aeterna- Initiated by the noble Senor Falso, the group is a coalition of the "good" countries of the world who strive to work against the dark forces of Cinere.

Candlesword- A private militray company that works as a hub for heroes, mercenaries and adventurers looking for justice, adventure and coin. Here they can be employed under the license of Candlesword and be recognized as professional heroes.