Rosalka Vila is the barbarian of the Concordat campaign. She is known to be rowdy and prone to violence.

Description Edit

Appearance Edit

Rosalka Vila is a 4 ft 5' gnome that weighs about 55 pounds. She is incredibly muscular for a gnome, and has visible scars across her face and body. She usually wears a blue shirt that is ripped at the sleeves, and thick jeans. She now also wears a red scarf. bought by Oscar Pigley She has short, dark purple hair.

Personality Edit

Rosalka is a horny and rowdy woman who loves to get in brawls. She prefers to use her bare hands, and her battle tactics are similar to that of a monk, with the exception that she uses brute strength and rage. Don't let this fool you however, as Rosalka is deceivingly intelligent. Able to learn quickly, she uses all her knowledge to allow her to battle easily, and is fond of using the area and random objects as weapons. She is also surprisingly nice to those she believes to be good in heart, and is always trying to help those who can't help themselves.