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The simplest way to describe Seti is childish. He gets very excited about knowledge, to the point where others need to calm him down. He describes activities as "having fun" and can be easily upset by conflict or "bad things". He doesn't approve of swearing, drinking or drugs, but really only calls his brother out on any of them. He also can lose focus and can be found off in his own thoughts sometimes.

That being said, Seti is no fool. His vast knowledge helps him understand situations quickly, and also aid his companions with situations. He is also aware of his behaviors, he just prefers not to change any of it.

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Hastur Vourdalak Edit

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Seti thinks very highly of Heize, mainly for her kind personality, and the fact that she puts up with him really well. She tries her best to deal with his overly energetic personality, which he really appreciates.

Finding out she was a changeling made Seti very excited, as he knows they are not a common species. The idea that she could help him and his brother with their escapades with her appearance changing abilities further drives his excitement. To put it shortly, Seti wants to make a close friend out of Heize.

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Twin brother. Good bean. Don't fuck with him.

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  • Red and Yellow Leather Clothing
  • Journal
  • Spellbook
  • Mechanical Duck

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As a Wizard under the class of Evocation...(more to be added)

Khenra Abilities Edit

  • Khenra Twins

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  • Spellcasting (Intelligence Based)

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Seti currently is a level 3 wizard, meaning he has access to first and second level spells, as well as knowing three cantrips automatically. However, he can learn other cantrips and higher level spells, but it will take more effort to learn the higher levels.

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  • Fire Bolt
  • Light*
  • Minor Illusion
  • Shocking Grasp
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  • Chromatic Orb
  • Comprehend Languages
  • Disguise Self
  • Expeditious Retreat
  • Fog Cloud
  • Magic Missile
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  • Blur
  • Scorching Ray
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  • "This was supposed to be fun"
  • "I'm scared Sete..."

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  • Seti was originally made due to Jeremy's creation of Sete. Having discussed possible characters with Jeremy while Jakob (the DM of the campaign) was present, they saw the Khenra Twins ability, and thought that it would be a fun idea.