Tee Vee Wizard 1989 (Shortened as TV Wizard 89 (Shortened as TV Wizard (Shortened as TVW))) Is a character formerly played by Shane in the Crusaders of the Truth before becoming a boss in said campaign. He is actually the 2nd TV Wizard (hence '89) although the original TV Wizard was not known for much and ended up in bars more than out adventuring thus this TV Wizard is the more recognized.

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TVW and his Brother at a small screen time

Biography Edit

TV Wizard was born at the tender age of 0. Much of his early years were spent alone travelling the woods. He looked up to his 2 years older brother, Monitor Monk, a great deal. His brother left the family at 14, leaving TV essentially friendless until the brother returned at 19 but now as Computer Monk. When Screens get to a certain amount of knowledge they get the chance to become computers that ups all their cognitive functions. TV Wizard set out on this quest which led to him meeting the rest of the gang.

Description Edit

Apperence Edit

TVW is a 1989 Sanyo CRT TV. His head is what resembles the real life TV but he does have a body although it is mostly covered by a dark turquoise or red robe. His body underneath is an average build body covered in plastic plates that act as his skin.

Personality Edit

TVW is a very composed and closed person, most likely due to his peaceful yet lonely uprising. He often doesn't know how to communicate his feelings to others which often leads to coming of as angry or confused. He just wants a friend. He does have small bursts of confidence mostly when he uses his magic (See Tenser's Floating Disk)

His role as a boss character Edit

Tv wiz gone biz

TV Wizard gone bitch

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