The Burning Drow was a side arc part of the Crusaders of the Truth campaign.

During the Riddle Arc, five other adventures are roped into aiding the island of Caeloria from an unusual drow problem. The unlikely heroes' small task soon becomes dire, as the islands history threatens to repeat itself, and a powerful force at the center of it all.

First Appearances Edit

Party Members Edit

Apollo Flint
Captain Jordie

Allies Edit

L'fys (was playable during campaign)

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Other Notable Characters Edit

Garson Hawklight

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Trivia Edit

  • This campaign was DM'd by Hunter, in order for him to get a bit of practice being a DM, as well as helping Kory and Ramy get their characters up to a similar level to the rest of the group.
  • This is the first appearance of one of the Elemental Rings.