The Doom Snail Arc was the first arc in the Crusaders of the Truth campaign.

In Mundus Memia, five strangers meet in a quest that begins with a request. As they travel, they reveal clear talents, suggesting they are no ordinary group. Soon, however, it becomes clear there is much more to their mission than they first realized.

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Party Members Edit

Jook Nukem
Motor Knight
Rodney Rune
TV Wizard
Daniel Taure

Allies Edit

Carlove Silverkin
Doofus Loofus

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Trivia Edit

  • While Doofus does make his first appearance in this arc, he does not become a playable character or party member until the following arc.
  • This was the first campaign, and due to Eddy's inexperience, decided to go for a more comedic tone (mostly).
  • Mundus Memeia is quite literally the meme of Doluna, as almost every location and character is a direct reference to something else, additionally it had some of the more silly encounters, such as the Goblin Birthday party.
  • Originally Eddy made about 6 side quests, but the party wanted to keep moving due to Eddy having too many. Don't make too many side quests kids.