The Keep Arc is the fourth arc of the Crusaders of the Truth campaign.

A series of small adventures the Crusaders partake in, mainly in Pharepaix, Harnania, where their new keep resides. Through these adventures, the heroes build connections, strengthen friendships, encounter unusual events, face powerful foes, find love, confront parts of their past, and work to find the Elemental Rings before someone much worse does.

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Doctor Alfonse

Allies Edit

Izuri Midoro
The Keep
Dr Joseph Ludwig

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Trivia Edit

  • Originally, this was going to be an in-between, or half arc. However, it was decided it would be a full arc, since enough story and progression had occurred.
  • The events of this arc took place over the course of a year.
  • This is the first time a player used a different character from their main one due to the absence of the main one (Doctor Alfonse in place of Rodney, Captain Jordie in place of Doug).
  • This is the first arc to have an official player character death (Gowther).
  • Members in the main party would come and go throughout this arc, as a couple of the players were away for school and couldn't always call in to participate.