This page covers all the villains found across the campaigns of Doug and Friends

Crusaders of the Truth Edit

Pruflas - Also known as the Doom Snail, Pruflas was an ancient demon who simply looked for hosts to draw power from.

TV Wizard - Originally a part of the Crusaders, TV Wizard was a construct gifted in the ways of magic, and became corrupted by forbidden knowledge.

Valdan - A drow male, who was part of a secret society of drow on Caeloria. Had a clear lust for power and domination, possibly from years of humiliation.

AINSLEY - An Artificial Intelligence created in the very distant past. He ruled over the digital world know as Memoriae, and over long years became corrupt, causing his attempt to achieve world domination.

Misere - An Assassin for the group Sicarus. Responsible for multiple deaths across the planet, and partly responsible for Daniel's village and family. Killed by Daniel.

Stronghammer- A slightly insane war enthusiast who died in glorious battle, just as he wished. He was a lead commander of Este, and worked under Queen Alhma.


Jenny Doe, AKA Lady of Lust, Legnia Libidine- The former girlfriend of Motorknight, who was a spy for the Circle of Nosferatu.

Lord of Ashes, Angelo Caduto- The great knight of the Shadowfell, who had been one of the four who destroyed Daniel Taure's home.

Arch Baroness of Graves, Belladonna von Belleza- An incredibly talented tactician and magewho's only flaw was her own ego.

Countess of the Night, Countess Ciarda von Stranovich- A powerful vampire countess who rules the Shadowfell.


Rubeum Allec, The Cinder Rose- The great leader of Cinere, who searches for the elemental rings for his ultimate gain.

Flamouria - Has gone under many other names, this powerful archmage is known for burning entire villages and towns to the ground, and leaving nothing left behind.

Storm Kings Thunder Edit

Titanos Edit

The Black Spider - A fearsome drow who lead an organization of other drow, who planned to take over the upper world. Had a strong grip on the loyalty of his followers, and even had the ability to posses others.

Valkonia Edit

Concordat Edit