Virrat Vitrify is the halfling necromancer/warlock played by Eddy in the Titanos campaign.

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Virrat is a dapper white halfling. He has a handsome face with a magnificent well set jaw. He usually wears a purple business suit with a red tie. This of course can change when he decides to use a disguise.

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Beneath the charisma and charming personality, Virrat Vitrify is a man who will stop at nothing to accomplish his dreams. He is determined and steel willed, even taking risks with dealing in more powerful forces. He knows how to manipulate and utilize people, hopefully for the better of societies.

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Virrat Vitrify was born into a decent home in the middle of a city between Vorynith and Thorngage, where his family were supposedly humble pie makers. Thorngage and Vorynith were on the verge of war, and his family attempted to stop the war through espionage. This resulted in their deaths by both sides, as their acts were caught. Virrat was hunted and managed to run away. He made money through scams and pick pocketing before coming to the Sword Coast. Once there, he came across a group looking for his friend Gunren Rockseeker (The Party). It was around this time he made a deal with a powerful force to help further his goals.

  • His merchant friend Gundren Rockseeker, who he met in a bar. He asks him for all kinds of interesting magic items that he could eventually buy to build up a powerful army of undead and mercenaries. At first Virrat simply used him for his goals, but Gundren was a kind man who understood his views. This made the news of Gundren's death personal.
  • Fordue, a strange halfling who he bonded over when visiting a strange tavern named the Yawning Portal. He has never since seen the tavern again. Strange, he wonders that tavern, and his friend, now are. Fordue, for some reason, used to have numbers for a name.

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